SHANGHAI — Bates China(达彼思) has been awarded the Shanghai General Motors (SGM) business, it was announced today by Michael Bungey, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Bates Worldwide.

 "We are proud to have been chosen by SGM, and salute Bates China for its win in an intensive 6-month pitching process.  This win is significant for many reasons, one of the most prominent being that it once again validates the power of our 'Think Global.  Act Local(R)' operating philosophy," said Bungey.

"Our strategy has always been to staff our operations with country nationals, as is the case in China.  Their understanding of the culture and marketplace give us a competitive edge, not only in China, but also throughout the Asia-Pacific region where we are the #1 network (excluding Japan)."

 "We are extremely honored and pleased to become SGM's strategic partner for this major project — the importance of which was recently highlighted by Chinese President Jiang Zemin's high profile visit to the GM production plant in Los Angeles," said Barry Leung, National Managing Director, Bates China.

"I believe we won because we presented SGM with the best local expertise in strategies, creative, media and integrated services."

SGM is the US$1.6 billion General Motors joint venture with the Shanghai Automobile Industrial Corporation (SAIC) to build and launch the Buick brand in China.  Bates China will be handling a total integrated communications program for its new client, SGM.

Bates China, a part of Bates Worldwide, has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, with over 150 staff members.  According to the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies' China revenue report, Bates China experienced a 49% growth in business last year, making it the fastest growing agency in China.

Bates Worldwide, the U.S.P. agency, is one of the largest advertising and integrated marketing communications networks in the world, has 170 offices in over 60 countries and annual billings of over $6 billion.  Bates Worldwide is the principal operating unit of the newly formed CCG (Cordiant Communications Group plc).

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