Published on December 04, 1998.

HONG KONG–Euro RSCG Partnership is teaming up with MindShare(传立媒体), WPP's top Asian media operation, in Hong Kong and Taiwan, effective January 1. The alliance could be expanded to China in the near future.

The Havas agency and MindShare have formed a new media brand, called Motivator(灵立媒体), for all Euro RSCG clients, which include Philips, Intel, Hong Kong Bank, Dell, TAG Heuer, and Kowloon Motor Bus.

The new agency will work alongside MindShare and WPP's other media brand in Asia, Maximize, under the direction of MindShare's General Manager in Hong Kong, David Morgan. All three brands will share audience research, consumer insight tools and, of course, volume purchasing power.

Peter Stening, CEO of Euro RSCG Partnership Grand China, says an important consideration in the agency's selection of MindShare "was the need to link and expand our interactive media capability with the traditional media specialist role."

Motivator billings have not been revealed, but according to the 1997 Agency Income Re-port published by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents of Hong Kong (HK4As), Euro RSCG generated capitalized billings of $62.2 million last year.

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