FCB Worldwide has restructured its Greater China operation with former Bozell regional director Gary Tse(谢伟权) taking the helm of the newly-merged operation.

Taking charge of the five offices in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China, Mr Tse was named Greater China CEO and chairman, reporting to Asia-Pacific president and CEO Ben Barnes, based in Hong Kong.

As part of the restructuring, FCB has terminated its venture with China partner Megacom, while the newly-merged offices stay with Bozell's local affiliate partner.

Megacom president and ECD Louis Wong will run the Megacom offices in China following the break-up of the FCB partnership.

"There're no sour feelings (about the break up)," said Mr Wong, noting that Megacom has bought back the shares sold to FCB.

Accounts previously held by FCB and Bozell have been split, with FCB taking international-allied clients and Megacom looking after its locally-won business.

Despite the downsizing of staff and billings, Mr Wong said the new arrangement may be profitable to Megacom, because it now had a free hand to develop business without having to worry about the constraints of international business alliances.

As an independent agency, Mr Wong said Megacom was eyeing local blue chip companies and medium-size foreign marketers, which had yet to line up with multinational agencies.

FCB's three mainland offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are now headed by former Bozell managers: Kenny Chang, David Chow and Michael Ngan respectively.

In Taiwan, the new operation continues the partnership with Bozell's affiliate headed by Mr Henry Yang, the former Bozell Taiwan chairman.

Former Bozell head of creative Ronnie Wong is now the ECD taking charge of the Hong Kong and China offices.

Mr Tse said the newly-merged FCB agency has opted to offer a total integrated communications service under one roof by combining the forces of BSMG for PR, AFM for film production and FCB Direct for marketing services.

FCB's direct marketing arm will be relaunched – although the name has not yet been finalised – and it will be headed by former FCB Direct general manager David Robertson.

Meanwhile, former FCB Hong Kong managing director Carol Cheung will take a regional role in the Asia-Pacific operation.

In the media sector, former Bozell executive media director Noelle Chiu will keep the same post in the merged operation and former FCB media director Poney Wu is now the buying director.

Grant Advertising, Bozell's boutique agency, remains an independent subsidiary of holding company True North.

The new FCB office in Hong Kong now has a total staff of 180 people, and Mr Tse admitted people had left the company in the wake of the restructuring, including some supporting staff who had been laid off.

He added, however, the agency was still hiring new staff.

Client conflict was not a major issue in the merger. The merger has actually given the agency the opportunity to restructure and strengthen its services with the combined know-how. "The merger is not a bad thing as we can build up a stronger and more efficient operation," said Mr Tse.

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