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Job Title:  Business Director / 业务总监

Key Responsibilities
1. Lead sales function and account service team
2. Drive the new business development and cross-sell group services
3. Business lead generation with existing and potential clients
4. Develop and manage long-term strategic client relationships
5. Analyze client business needs and strategize appropriate communications solutions
6. Understand and define clients’ business, project and system needs and communicate such to project teams
7. Define, negotiate, communicate, implement and manage the scope of the project and monitor quality standards on all project deliverables
8. Plan and manage multi-disciplined internal and external project teams and communications, ensuring effective exchange of project information and deliverables
9. Work closely with Project Managers to ensure seamless project execution

1. Minimum of 10 years in sales and client management/service roles driving business sales with bottom line responsibilities
2. Proven track record and successful marketing/customer acquisition experience, preferably in a marketing and/or interactive agency environment
3. Strong cross-functional and cross-cultural communications skills
4. Strong sense of accountability, timeliness and attention to analytical detail
5. Experienced in managing multiple simultaneous projects, involving cross-functional teams, with budget, schedule and resource constraints
6. Solid understanding of Client Relationship Management, Content Management, Analytics, Digital Marketing, eCommerce, Database Marketing, Relationship Marketing and Internet Technologies
7. Excellent interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills
8. Fluent in English is essential

Job Title1: Associate Media Director 数字媒介副总监

Key Responsibilities

1. Provide strategic online media direction to the Account Services team in order to properly manage client’s online media expectations
2. Oversee development strategies, implementation plans, and provide requirements and insights into overall technical requirements and development including creative
3. Develop targeted relationships with leading publisher and advertising networks,drive the testing, optimization, and maintenance of our advertiser and publisher relationships
4. Develop data-driven approaches to online media testing, media assessment and optimization and eventual roll out recommendations
5. Continuously analyze the results of the online media campaigns in order to optimize to maximize profitability,Supervise and review development and implementation of all plans
6. Provide and/or guide strategic input for all plans internally and externally,help set negotiations strategies,establish and maintain communications process with clients


1. 5-8 years of solid experience online media buying, planning and strategy. At least 2 year china experience with CPM, CPA and CPC
2. Proven ability to lead and manage a team,Knowledgeable and passionate about interactive marketing concepts, practices and programs
3. Candidate must have strong organization skill, entrepreneurial outlook, hands on management/business approach and excellent communication skills
4. Strong client service ability and comfort,Candidate must have superior negotiation skills,Established publisher contacts
5. Candidate should have familiarity with tools such as iresearch tool DFA, AdRelevance
6. Bachelor’s degree required,Fulgent in English specking and writing

Job Title2:  Media Planning Manager 数字媒介策划经理

Key Responsibilities

1. To verify the work are correctly done by subordinates before sending to internal/external contacts
2. Have an in-depth knowledge of the client’s business and its competitors to determine sufficient advertising and media needs and to ensure plans are properly executed and delivered
3. To develop subordinates’ capabilities of strategic thinking, as well as data analysis.
4. To participate in the training of all subordinates by performing regular sharing sessions, monitor subordinates’ day-to-day performance.
5. To balance job tasks between subordinates dependent on their availabilities and capabilities.


1. 本科毕业
2. 3年以上的数字媒体排期购买经验
3. 对数字敏感,逻辑思考能力强
4. 善沟通,协调能力强
5. 精通EXCEL

Job Title3: Media Planner 数字媒介策划

Key Responsibilities

1. 处理客户与网络媒体相关之计划执行与分析
2. 建立客户数据库行销相关之分析机制,加以分析并提出看法
3. 分析线上的消费者行为,及媒体上的社群建立
4. 网络的媒体企划及效益分析


1. 本科毕业,广告,传播,营销等相关专业佳
2. 1-2年相关工作经验
3. 对数字敏感,逻辑思考,洞察分析能力强
4. 善沟通,抗压能力强
5. 熟练使用Office软件,精通PPT,EXCEL佳
6. 英文六级以上

Job Title4: Media Buyer 数字媒介购买

Key Responsibilities



1. 本科毕业
2. 1年以上的数字媒体排期购买经验
3. 对数字敏感,逻辑思考能力强
4. 善沟通,协调能力强
5. 精通EXCEL

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