NEW YORK- Interpublic Group's Lowe and Partners today said it has advanced Matthew Bull to worldwide chief creative officer, responsible for the overall creative output of the network.

Bull, 40, had been chief executive officer of Lowe in London. In his new role, he succeeds Adrian Holmes, who retains the title of chairman.

Taking up Bull's mantle of London CEO is Garry Lace, 37, who most recently had been with Grey Global Group's Grey in London, also as CEO. He has also held the chief executive title at TBWA in London.

Tony Wright, president and CEO of Lowe's global operations, said in a statement, "These moves signify the level of ambition we have for Lowe. Matthew has an enormously infectious ability to create the conditions for wonderful work to flourish, both as a leader and a practitioner. Garry is quite simply the most talented agency leader in London. His proven track record in the new business arena coupled with his previous experience at key creative shops make him a perfect fit."

Bull has been CEO of Lowe's London office since 2003. Prior to that, he started and ran his own agency in South Africa, currently named Lowe Bull.

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  • […] 而后在2003年被调往伦敦办公室担任首席执行官,于2005年1月被任命为全球首席创意官,接替前任Adrian Holmes。(但伦敦办的CEO职位被Garry Lace接替)。不过,不久后,公牛先生就离开了伦敦,重新回到南非,继续执掌自己参与创办的老巢Lowe Bull,同时也辞去了全球首席创意官的拉风职务。 […]

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