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Unique Web Design and Analytics Consultancy Strengthens Global Digital Network

NEW YORK– Wunderman, a division of WPP Group’s (Nasdaq: WPPGY) network of advertising and marketing companies, today announced the acquisition of ZAAZ, a unique interactive agency recognized for its award-winning creative and leading Web analytics consulting practice. ZAAZ offers a comprehensive range of services including Web strategy, design, development, user experience, Web analysis, search marketing and optimization, with a keen focus on delivering measurable results in the digital world for leading brands and Fortune 1000 companies.

ZAAZ’s unique approach to web design is to apply in-depth analysis to the creative process. By defining key goals and metrics, monetizing opportunities, analyzing customer data and providing strategic counsel, ZAAZ is able to help its clients improve site design, optimize user experience and increase Web site effectiveness. Its proven track record helping world-class brands create rich online experiences that perform demonstrates the increasing value of the Web as an integral part of customer marketing solutions.

“The acquisition of ZAAZ reinforces Wunderman’s deep commitment to providing clients best-in-class capabilities across the entire spectrum of the digital design and data landscape,” said Wunderman Chairman and CEO Daniel Morel.

“By fusing ZAAZ’s ability to deliver real ROI from the Web into Wunderman’s Global Digital Network, which already includes digital powerhouse VML and data services experts KnowledgeBase Marketing and Fortelligent, Wunderman offers clients an unparalleled ability to capture, manage and analyze data across all channels and customer touchpoints in real-time,” Morel explained.

“Success in the digital world requires marketers to capture the right data from the Web. That, however, is the relatively easy part,” Morel said.

“The greater challenge is in understanding exactly how to transform the wealth of data into meaningful insights and create actionable marketing plans — that’s where ZAAZ stands out from other interactive agencies and provides tremendous value to its clients.” ZAAZ was founded in 1998 and is led by Shane Atchison, CEO, and Dave Brede, COO, each of whom have 10+ years experience in strategic consulting, business development and executive management in Web marketing, design and branding.

“For our clients, the Web is increasingly becoming the hub of their marketing strategies for a range of customer-centric goals — from brand building to e-commerce to lead generation to customer loyalty programs,”said Atchison. “By joining Wunderman’s Global Digital Network, and combining their strong heritage in relationship marketing and CRM with our unique expertise in Web analytics, user experience and design enables us to provide our clients an even greater ability to attract new customers, strengthen existing customer relationships and increase the overall value of the Web to their businesses.”

About ZAAZ

ZAAZ is a premiere interactive agency that provides performance-driven design services to a wide range of clients including Microsoft, Converse, Helio, E*Trade, Qwest, Intel, Alcoa, Blockbuster, Expedia, Reuters, Faconnable, National Geographic and others. Years ago, ZAAZ recognized a gap in the interactive marketplace. While many clients had analytics tools, very few were getting maximum value from them. At the same time, web initiatives scoring big on creativity often lacked any scientific proof of their effectiveness. By providing both sides of this equation, ZAAZ is able to provide creative solutions that work — and the proof to back it up.

Founded in 1998, ZAAZ has offices in Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon. For more information visit www.zaaz.com.

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