SHANGHAI- GroupM(群邑) has appointed Sara Ye(叶正华) to lead GroupM Search Marketing in China, with immediate effect. Based in Beijing, Sara is responsible for the strategic and operational development of the Group’s search marketing teams in China.

Sara brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and contacts from her 14 years in the advertising and marketing industry; more than half of which were spent in digital media and search marketing.

Prior to joining GroupM, Sara spent four years at Google, first with the AdWords International team at Google’s California headquarters and was later posted to Beijing to work on product marketing at Google China. Prior to Google, she was an Internet marketing consultant in San Francisco.

Sara started her career with J. Walter Thompson in Guangzhou, China. Sara reports directly to Meg Wu, Managing Director, GroupM Interaction China, and to Robbie Hills, CEO, GroupM Search Marketing Asia Pacific.

“Sara’s appointment will complete our total digital offering in search, mobile, content marketing and Internet advertising to our clients in China.” commented Meg Wu.

Sara holds a PhD and an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin in the United States.

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