SHANGHAI- The organizing team of the USA national pavilion planned for the Shanghai 2010 World Expo has appointed Ruder Finn as its global PR agency. Services to be provided by Ruder Finn include ongoing media planning and counseling; and wide media outreach programs and events in the run-up to and throughout the 2010 Expo period.

The USA Pavilion, estimated to cost US$60 million to design, build and operate for the term of the Expo will be one of the largest national pavilions at the World Expo. America’s presence at the Expo was made possible by a unique public private partnership between the US State Department and sponsors that included leading American companies and organizations. Known as Shanghai Expo 2010 Inc., this non-profit corporation authorized by the US State Department will conduct the planning, design, fundraising and operation of the proposed USA national pavilion. The organizer has also confirmed that 3M was the first innovation sponsor for the USA Pavilion.

In keeping with the Expo’s theme of “Better City, Better Life”, the USA Pavilion will emphasize urban sustainability and sustainable agriculture, health, teamwork and the Chinese-American community. It will present a dynamic and emotional story that depicts the powerful core values shared by both the Chinese and American people and reflects the fundamental belief that America is a place of opportunity, where people of all origins can thrive and prosper. Set in the year 2030, guests are given an incredible glimpse of an American city of the future and what it took to create it.

The Shanghai 2010 World Expo is expected to be the largest world’s fair ever, attracting over 200 national and corporate participants and an estimated 70 million visitors from China and overseas.

By: MiColChan


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