SHANGHAI – MediaCom(竞立媒体) China has confirmed that its Shanghai office has won AB InBev(百威英博)’s media pitch called in June. The contract reportedly worth US$190 million (RMB1.3 billion) takes effect on 1 October.

MediaCom will handle all AB InBev’s China media planning and buying duties, including its most popular beer brands Budweiser, Harbin and Sedrin. MediaCom becomes the first non-roster agency to win AB InBev without a prior global alliance with the company.

The incumbent agency ZenithOptimedia Shanghai has worked with the brewery for the last two years. Currently the client buys half of its media through ZenithOptimedia and the rest through various brokers.

AB InBev called a media pitch in June to consolidate its media buying under one international media agency. The pitch also involved MPG and ZenithOptimedia.

AB InBev China claims a market share of 15.4 per cent on its website. The brewer owns global brands like Budweiser and Beck’s, as well as key local brands like Harbin, Sedrin and Red Rock.

Commenting on the decision, Rex Wong, AB InBev APAC vice-president of marketing, said, “All of the competing agencies presented a compelling case, so the decision was a hard one to make.”He added that MediaCom best met the company’s future business needs and believes that the agency will be able to take the brewery to a new level.

GroupM China CEO Bessie Lee said this is one of the biggest wins for GroupM this year and the start of a special business relationship.

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