SAATCHI 40 YRS STORY (From 1970 to 2010)

1970, two brothers start an agency

1978, it is the largest in the UK

1988, it is the largest in the world

Finance director leaves to buy JWT, O&M, and Y&R

1979, it helps Margaret Thatcher to power

And again in 1984

And again in 1987

1992, it helps John Major to power

1998, one brother becomes a Lord

One brother has the largest modern art collection outside the US,

turning unknown artists into household names

Saatchi becomes the most famous name in advertising, the biggest

and the best, winning more awards than any other agency, creating

an airline that was the World’s Favourite, a beer that wouldn’t give a

XXXX, a newspaper that asked you to be Independent and a man

who won fame for being pregnant

1995, it splits into two

One half acts for Gordon Brown

One half acts for David Cameron

And helps him to power

9.9.2010 the two sides come together to celebrate 40 years of Saatchi

Nothing is impossible

[Remark: Lord Maurice Saatchi always wears glasses]


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