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REGIONAL- Rob de Pinto has taken on the newly-created role of Chief Technologist at Tribal DDB Asia Pacific, and will based in Hong Kong.

Reporting to Amanda King, President of Tribal DDB Asia Pacific, Rob‘s role reflects the agency’s mission to build a strong strategic hub in the region. His goal is ensure the network is fully aware of the latest technologies in market, how they operate and what value they bring to clients.

“In this specialized role, Rob will identify platforms, technologies and processes that can be linked together to yield new value to clients. He will also examine technology trends and identify medium and long term opportunities to drive our clients’ businesses forward. As Chief Technologists, he offers real strategic thinking and business solutions, creating a competitive advantage for our clients, not to mention ourselves,” said Amanda.

“With digital technology continually evolving and expanding into consumers’ lives, the CMO remit has grown exponentially. There is definitely more to understand, and more confusion than ever before, but what the CMO may not realise is that technology now exists to marry marketing activities and different parts of the enterprise; generating greater value than ever thought possible. Opportunities are abundant, as long as you know where to look,” said Rob.

“Going forward, we’ll be looking at the right combination of the right technology to realize these new opportunities for our clients. It is an extremely exciting time for marketers and businesses that have the intention and motivation,” he added.

Rob has spent the past twelve years in technology and business consulting, and holds a unique and diverse skill-set, combining marketing with technology and business innovation. He has designed and implemented enterprise business applications, launched digital start-ups in Silicon Valley, New York and Sydney.

During this time, he invented and commercialized an award-winning business model and behavioural targeting algorithm, for which he still holds a US patent.

By: MiColChan


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