Global- Following an international pitch, the Media Network Mindshare was able to successfully defend its long-time client Lufthansa.

As lead agency, Mindshare Germany will continue to coordinate the account, effective in about 40 countries worldwide, from its office in Frankfurt. Key regions are Europe, Asia and North America. The network runs its Lufthansa business with over 200 employees worldwide. The account-team in Frankfurt is lead by Managing Director Andreas Schmitt.

Lufthansa has already been trusting Mindshare with its Media expertise for the last 10 years. Amongst others, the agency implemented the launch-campaigns of the 99-Euro-flights, the mobile boarding pass as well as various new destinations.

„‘There is no better way to fly’ – this claim is also focus within our media services”, says Christof Baron, CEO of Mindshare Germany. “We are very pleased that we were able to defend Lufthansa – a challenging client, who on one hand demands innovative approaches but on the other hand also has high standards regarding strategies, tools and quality of implementation. We perceive ourselves as Best Balanced Agency – which we were able to demonstrate during the pitch.

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