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Beijing – LiquidThread, Starcom MediaVest Group’s special business unit for branded entertainment, has extended its partnership with confectionary giant Wrigley for another Doublemint branded entertainment initiative, following the extremely successful collaboration on Doublemint Talents Meet Beauties, the first outsourced bespoke variety gameshow in China that premiered earlier this year on Jiangsu Satellite.

Titled Doublemint Divine Encounter, the newly-launched 12-episode variety show is shown on yet another top-tier satellite, Zhejiang STV at an enhanced time-slot, and will once again champion Doublemint’s brand vision of ‘real closeness’ through creating a movement to foster face-to-face interaction.

Of this second round of exclusive collaboration with LiquidThread, Ms Shan Hu, Senior Brand Manager, Wrigley China, said “The Doublemint brand advocates closeness between two people, and face-to-face communication is a fundamental aspect of encouraging this interaction. Through Doublemint Divine Encounter, we’re confident this platform will help bring to life the importance of face-to-face communication between people, and as a result, underscore Doublemint brand value of real closeness”.

Highlighting that Chinese consumers are a sophisticated bunch, Silvia Goh, Managing Director of LiquidThread, China, said “It is extremely important for us to ensure the balance between driving our client’s core brand messages and the overall quality of the programme. Branded entertainment is about holistic content integration, and no longer about product placement or slapping the brand logo all over the stage. Through Doublemint Divine Encounter, LiquidThread is able to successfully and effectively weave Doublemint’s brand values into the programme without compromising on creating meaningful and uplifting brand experiences for our client’s consumers”, she further added.

Televised every Thursday for 12 consecutive weeks, each 70-minute episode of the variety show will see hosts, celebrities and contestants pairing up to overcome challenges, culminating in an overall winner crowned on the last episode, a 140-minute live finale. Promotion of the program will run concurrently on Zhejiang TV’s official website, sohu,com, jian8.cn, Youku, Kaixin001.com, Sina Weibo and all popular BBS forum.

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