Beijing- Y&R China has been appointed by Amazon for a new branding campaign.

The campaign aims to establish Amazon as the most customer oriented online shopping destination for a wide range of authentic goods at low prices.

The TVC focuses on the moment of happiness when the Amazon box arrives. A series of outdoor billboards pick on individual reasons to shop at Amazon, such as a guarantee against any fake goods.

The online shopping sector has shown dramatic growth and Amazon seeks to carve out a space against competition such 360Buy and T-mall.

As part of the re-branding, Amazon will drop its ‘Joyo‘ prefix and change its website address to in a effort to make the website address easier to remember.

Charles Sampson Y&R China CEO said “Amazon is one of the world’s most famous brands. Our job is to make the brand as iconic in China as it is everywhere else. When we looked at the packaging we realized that every Amazon box has a smile and this became the springboard for our brand idea.”

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