Shanghai–Bawang Group(霸王集团) has hired TBWA\Shanghai(腾迈广告) to work on its Zhuifeng(追风) Shampoo brand as well as a new product development in the read-to-drink (RTD) category.

The win follows a pitch last week that involved a number of international agencies.

Bawang Group, with headquarters in Guangzhou, was listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange in 2009. The company is famous for signing mega-stars such as Jackie Chan and Faye Wang as brand ambassadors for it’s shampoo portfolio, including Bawang Shampoo, Zhuifeng Shampoo, and its tea brand, Bawang Tea.

Jeff Ma, Chief Marketing Officer of TBWA\ Greater China, commented on the win, “The client was extremely impressed by our culture and insight, and the fantastic presentation made by our collaborative Greater China team, including our FMCG experts in Shanghai.”

Ma added, “Bawang truly appreciates our passion for Disruption at all levels. As a result of the pitch, we will immediately begin to work on the brand repositioning of Zhuifeng as well as a new product development brief in the RTD category. This win is a perfect match for our team’s experience and strengths in this area.”

Ian Thubron, President of TBWA\ Greater China, commented, “Delivering ‘Iconic Ideas’ for clients is what we do. The opportunity to do this for one of China’s most successful, entrepreneurial companies is particularly sweet.”

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  • 小编你翻译下要死啊,看这个网站99%的人都知道Bawang Group是霸王集团) TBWA\Shanghai是腾迈广告,你却偏偏翻译了。。。

    lucas 2011.11.07 16:41:30 评论

  • @lucas, 都是些客套的东西,“为什么客户选择我们,觉得我们有多洞插。。。”没什么好翻译的。

    阿不 2011.11.07 21:06:34 评论

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