Shanghai- As confirmed that, Ian Lee (李映红) will resign from Omnicom Media Group China as COO and President earlier next year.

When we checked with Lee, He confirmed the move, and didn’t unveil his next step.

Ian Lee just takes the role of COO at OMG China for a year from Sep. 2010. Before that, Ian was previously Chief Financial Officer of Omnicom Media Group China.

In this May, Omnicom Media Group hired Doug Pearce as new China CEO to replace Elaine Yip, who had been elevated to Omnicom Group role.

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  • 这是第二次离开了,不要又来个三进宫

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  • 楼上也大惊小怪了把,灵智的jowell都4进4出了,都还在混着呢

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