Shanghai– Brian Swords, formerly the Managing Director of Cawley Nea\TBWA in Ireland, has joined the team at TBWA\Shanghai to assume the role of Brand Team Leader on the agency’s flagship McDonald’s account to help the company with its massive expansion in China.

Swords joined Cawley Nea\TBWA in 1993 and was appointed Managing Director in 2004. As Managing Director, he was closely involved with the McDonald’s account in Ireland and Europe. For the past two years, Swords has also served as President of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising in Ireland.

“We are delighted that Brian has moved to China to lead TBWA’s McDonald’s team. We have aggressive goals ahead of us and we need the best possible talent in our agencies,” said Christine Xu, Vice President of Marketing at McDonald’s China. “We know that Brian’s contribution as the lead of our strategic and creative agency will be extremely significant.”

Ian Thubron, President of TBWA\Greater China said, “Brand Leadership is one of the most important drivers of our business. Everything stems from the right Brand Leader. In Brian, we have someone who has proved himself to deliver for clients, to marshal the best resources of the agency, and like all great leaders, get the very best out of everyone. McDonald’s deserves no less.”

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  • […] Brian于2011年中加入TBWA上海,在此之前,Brian在爱尔兰都柏林担任Cawley NeaTBWA的董事总经理,为Cawley NeaTBWA服务共18年。在Cawley NeaTBWA工作期间,Brian除了地区性的管理责任外,还同时担任保乐力加尊美醇爱尔兰威士忌(JAMESON)的全球品牌主管。在他加入TBWA上海的过去18个月内,Brian负责公司的重点客户——麦当劳。 […]

    Brian Swords升任TBWA上海董事总经理 | 麦迪逊邦 2012.11.27 11:27:14 Pingback

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