SHANGHAI- TBWA\Shanghai launches the next phase of the “New Elegance”(新优雅) movement for Martell Noblige(马爹利名士) with a brand new television commercial leading the next phase of a fully integrated campaign series.

Last year, Martell Noblige installed the “New Elegance” movement inspiring young Chinese men to embark on a journey of self-discovery that would allow them to achieve true elegance beyond money and status. Driven by the desire amongst them for meaning beyond superficial materialism, “elegance” soon became the catch phrase for every success driven young man.

Now, TBWA\Shanghai is continuing the momentum with a new set of experience points to agitate, excite and incite men as they progress on their journey of new elegance.

The 60-second television commercial, entitled “Signs of Elegance,” was shot by up-and-coming London-based director Chris Sweeney, entirely in Hong Kong. Sweeney has worked with MTV and high-profile brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, bringing a fresh energy and unique edge to the script. The commercial itself utilizes visual metaphors of the product experience, cleverly demonstrating the link between elegant men and their choice of elegant cognac. The second film will run in harmony with the first “Manifesto” film – creating a story around elegance that is both aspirational and rooted in product truth.

The campaign also launches with activation on trade and online where the brand leverages women key influencers, with a point of view on elegance. They capture, celebrate and reveal signs of elegance around them in order to inspire their counterparts to action.

Richard Cotton, Business Director at TBWA\Shanghai commented, “To continually disrupt the category is something we are proud to be able to deliver on, especially with this next phase of the campaign. For us, starting a movement goes far beyond the standard marketing formula and we are fortunate the brand supports this initiative as strongly as we do.”

Pernod Ricard China Martell Brand Director, Liya Zhang, added, “With this next campaign, we are steadily gaining momentum in this quest to build Martell Noblige as an icon of New Elegance in China. Creating a movement is not easy for a brand, but we are confident that each brave stride ahead we take brings us ever closer to that goal.”


Project Name: Martell Noblige “Signs of Elegance”
Creative Agency: TBWA\Shanghai
Client: Pernod Ricard China
Creative Director: Gregoire Chalopin
Associate Creative Director(s): Eliza Wong
Art Director(s): Lomo Yang, Sylvie Kinn
Photographer: Greg Williams
Director: Chris Sweeney
Editor: Quin Williams, Tenthree
Production Company: Blink Productions
Production Company Producer: Georgina Wilson
Agency Producer: Sariyanti Sannie
Business Head: Richard Cotton
Account Director: Frances Alvarado
Account Manager: Kelly Gao
Run Dates: now until March 2012
Category/Exposure: TV, Online, Print
Territories: (countries where running): China and Taiwan

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