MBExclusive– Source revealled that, Yili(伊利) had calles for comprehensive media buying review around CNY.

At least Incumbents Mindshare, UM and OMD Beijing were invited to pitch for that big-bang account. Yili spends around RMB 1.5billion on media per year.

In Janaury 2011, Yili splited its media account into Mindshare and UM. Yili had become Mindshare Beijing office’s largest client.

As said, agencies has finished the presentations, and negotiation is on the way.

In last May, Yili has tapped Wang Jialin to be media chief, while Qu Zhigang departed to Jin Luo Company.

In earlier this year, Yili also called for creative pitch. In 2011, Yili has realigned some assignments to Euro RSCG.

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  • 传立还是丢掉伊利吧,要不肥了sarah,累死下面众多众多执行者,

    sarahsB 2012.02.14 10:17:28 评论

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