TOKYO – TBWA\HAKUHODO has launched a new creative organization called ‘Disruption Lab’.

Disruption Lab is a group of individuals with strong personalities, so to share these personalities, the agency came up with an unprecedented branding strategy featuring innovative business cards and website(

TBWA\HAKUHODO’s Disruption Lab wanted to incorporate individual talent directly into its business cards, creating ‘DNA ID’. DNA samples were collected from staff, transforming their personal identities into digital designs.

Disruption Lab members each have a business card with their own DNA design, which also serves as a digital code to access their profile and portfolio pages. Recipients of the business card are able to view creative work from each Disruption Lab member online just by holding their business card over a web camera.

For more information, visit the Disruption Lab ‘DNA ID’ website here:

Project name: DNA ID
Chief Creative Officer: Miki Matsui
Executive Creative Director: Kazoo Sato
Experience Designer: Kaname Aratame
Senior Art Director: Katsuhiro Shimizu

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