被收购后,AKQA将在WPP集团内部保持独立的身份(不归入四大子集团),并且继续由首席执行官/创始人Ajaz Ahmed以及董事长Tom Bedecarré领导。后者将成为新成立的WPP Ventures的总裁,为WPP寻找新的互动投资机会。(另外,WPP Ventures的其他董事会成员将陆续任命)。

Commenting on the arrival of AKQA, Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPP said: “We are thrilled to welcome AKQA’s unique team of technological innovators and entrepreneurs to WPP. We have admired their creativity and technological skills for a long time along with their outstandingly effective and award-winning work for clients. We are looking forward to working with Ajaz and Tom to broaden their offer and our own, both geographically and functionally. We are delighted to be united!”

“With increased resources and access to new geographies, our partnership with WPP will fuel the next level of energy, excitement and opportunity, delivering innovation and creativity at scale,” said Ajaz Ahmed.

Tom Bedecarré commented: “We are delighted to preserve AKQA’s independent culture and maintain focus on serving our clients. Today we are celebrating joining WPP and tomorrow our teams will be back to business as usual.”

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