Universal McCann(often abbreviated as UM) is a global media company. UM’s global clients include ABInBev, BASF, Brown-Forman, Burberry, Cathay Pacific, Chrysler, Coca-Cola, ExxonMobil, GM, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oréal, Mastercard, Microsoft, SC Johnson, and Sony. UM is a member of Interpublic Group, operating under the Mediabrands branch.

UM was established in 1999 as part of McCann Worldgroup, but its roots go back to 1902 when Alfred Erickson founded Erickson Company.

Harrison King McCann’s agency, founded in 1912, evolved independently from Erickson’s. In 1930, H.K. McCann Company and Erickson Company merged to form McCann Erickson, a $15 million agency with Erickson as its chair and McCann as its president. After winning the Ford Motor Company account in 1933, the agency continued to acquire agencies and accounts including Coca-Cola. By 1957, McCann Erickson was the first US agency to top $100 million annually in TV and radio billings.

Marion Harper, who replaced McCann as President-CEO in 1948, went on to create Interpublic Group in 1960, as the first marketing services management holding company. In 1971, Interpublic Group went public as IPG, and by 1972 was the largest agency in non-US billings. Today, IPG operates in over 100 countries, employs 41,800 marketing professionals, and generates revenue of US $6.5 billion.

By 1993, McCann Erickson was the number one agency in the world. As the advertising industry began to integrate its services, McCann Erickson underwent a reinvention to form a consolidated agency network and launched McCann Worldgroup in 1997. Today, McCann Worldgroup oversees FutureBrand, McCann Erickson Worldwide, McCann Healthcare Worldwide, Momentum Worldwide, MRM Worldwide, UM, Weber Shandwick, and Worldgroup EXP

UM was originally launched by McCann Worldgroup as worldwide media buying arm, operating as a separate yet interdependent unit. When IPG formed Mediabrands in 2008 to oversee its media agencies and enable performance across multiple media platforms, UM, today a global full-service media agency, was included under the Mediabrands umbrella along with its agency partners Ansible Mobile, Cadreon, CUBOCC, Ensemble Branded Entertainment, Geomentum, ID Media, IPG Media Lab, Initiative Media, Orion Trading, Reprise Media, Shopper Sciences, and Spring Creek Group.

UM employs over 3,600 people in its 151 offices in 130 countries worldwide. UM’s global headquarters is in New York with five other offices in North America: Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Toronto. UM has regional offices in Asia Pacific, Europe/Middle East/Africa, and Latin America, and receives over $16.1 billion in global billings.

Jacki Kelley: Global CEO
Guy Beach : Global COO



UM is different than other media agencies because of its Yes& philosophy. It has adopted a highly progressive approach to its remuneration model with clients. UM’s “pay for performance” model means that its clients pay lower fees upfront in favour of rewards directly linked to the agency’s ability to generate tangible business outcomes (like increases in sales).

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