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GLOBAL – MEC(尚扬媒介) has recently unveiled Momentum, its new proprietary approach to understanding and quantifying how consumers make purchase decisions today, which will drive a seismic shift in the agency’s strategic planning for brands.

Momentum, one of the largest global studies ever undertaken into the shopper journey and psychology of choice, has examined the purchase decisions of over 100,000 consumers so far, across multiple categories and countries, through extensive qualitative and quantitative research. The results reveal unique insights in the way consumers now make their buying decisions, which will help MEC lead the way in its strategic approach for its clients.

Using the latest thinking in decision-making psychology, Momentum quantifies consumer bias by category and brand, the beliefs customers have and how they influence decisions, and the relative influence of communication messaging and touchpoints, all in one study.

At its core, Momentum describes the Purchase decision journey as a continuous cycle with four stages:

One of the key findings unearthed by Momentum is the importance of the Passive Stage of the consumer journey. This new understanding allows marketers to apply this principle to buying behaviour. Momentum reveals that people with a strong Passive Stage Bias consider fewer brands, spend less time in the Active Stage, are less concerned with price when making their choice and are happier with their decision after purchase.

Momentum will score a brand’s momentum against the competition and identify ways to convert it from the Passive to the Active Stage, uncovering new opportunities for brand growth.

With these new opportunities, Momentum will revolutionise MEC’s approach to planning, with even more effective and targeted communication strategies for clients.

Melanie Varley, Global Chief Strategy Officer, MEC said: “Momentum measures the whole purchase journey in a new way. It gets under the skin of how people make decisions, unpicking the beliefs, whether preconceived or not, that they have about brands and how these influence behaviour, and the effect of brand communication throughout this journey. Our Momentum studies provide highly actionable outputs and are exceptionally cost effective.

“Our insight into the purchase journey means that we now must adopt a new approach to brand communication during the purchase journey. As the custodians of strategic comms planning we see it as our responsibility to bring this new thinking to bear for our clients.”


• Are my customers’ journeys shorter and faster or longer and slower than other people’s?
• Which customers have a bias towards my brand or its competitors before starting the buying process?
• How are people’s perceptions of my brand affecting their purchasing behaviour?
• Which Triggers are more likely to get people to buy my brand?
• What can I learn from my competitor’s purchase journeys?
• How can I quantify the roles of Paid, Owned and Earned touchpoints at different stages of the purchase journey?
• How do I quantify the role of recommendation and social influence for my brand’s buyers?
• How does my brand’s behaviour in-store influence people beyond the immediate sale?
• How can I plan more effectively for brand growth?

Momentum will be continually updated to provide clients with the very latest insight and can be deployed for bespoke projects delving into specific industry sectors and territories.

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