• IMD是欧洲最大的广告传输服务公司
• 1996年开始为英国广播电台提供广告和音乐宣传短片的传输服务
• 2003年开始为欧洲地区提供数字视频广告传输服务,包括英国、爱尔兰、德国、瑞士、奥地利和法国等国家
• 2005年开始通过eBUS品牌为亚太地区提供数字视频广告传输服务,包括新西兰、澳大利亚、新加坡、印度和印尼等国家
• 2013年开始为中国地区提供数字视频广告传输服务

Job Title: Media Operations Manager 媒体运营经理

Location: Shanghai

Job Scope
A chance to transform media operations in China! IMD China is revolutionizing the delivery of video advertising material to media – while we manage the transition we are taking on the task of delivering advertising to TV stations.
1. Managing of day to day workflow of receiving TVCs from clients (digital / tape), making tapes (through vendors) and sending to TV stations – need to have detailed information on each TV station in order to do this
2. Following up with couriers / recipients to ensure delivery on time
3. Helping with RFPs and RFIs related to China
4. Track tape based transactions and organize reports to administration for invoicing process and report to clients
5. Working the Broadcast Relations team in converting broadcasters from tape to digital delivery

Candidate Profile
1. At least 3 years of experience managing tape logistics at a major advertising agency
2.Experience of dealing with post production / tape duplication houses
3.Up to date knowledge of key TV stations destination information as well as key post production houses working on TV commercials
4.Comfortable with handling typical PC / MAC based video tools (Final Cut Pro) and with making tape to tape / tape to file / file to tape copies
5.Remuneration and Prospects: Better than any similar role in an advertising / media agency and there will be opportunities to grow rapidly in the company.

Company Background
IMD (previously eBUS) provides a platform for the advertising industry to share video content. We already exist in several markets in Asia and Europe and are now focusing on establishing ourselves in China.
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By: Andrea Hou


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