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Digital Designer

Overall Purpose:Responsible for client and internal daily work.
Classification (Permanent/ Contract):permanent
Reporting to(Position) :Art Director

Key Deliverables:
• Client requirement (70%)
• Internal support (20%)
• Others (10%)

Principle Responsibilities (Indicative % only)
• Contribute to the brand’s visual language (colour palette, logo, font, etc) across a range of media (online marketing, Web site, mobile, motion graphics, etc).
• Co-create and support the development of multi-channel campaigns and ideas and present to team members.
• Ability to come up with suitable application design and user interface mockups to deliver high-end solutions.
• Take directions and develop framework, and ensure all solutions are properly specified.
• Abide by the visual identity, including logo, word mark, typography, colour and photography.
• Collaborate and work closely with other disciplines to ensure executions are meeting business objectives and criteria.
• Develop compelling ideas based on criteria in creative brief.
• Suggest new ideas to team members and leadership.
• Develop outline and story for the presentation of existing concepts/directions.
• Participates in pre-project business development activities.

Personal Profile:
• Bachelor’s Degree (Fine Arts /Applied Arts preferred).
• At least 3 years relevant working experience in digital agency or creative design advertisement company.
• Familiar with Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash softwares.
• Keen in international design, contribute to interesting visual creativity.
• Strong Learning and creative skill, team player, work under pressure.
• Good communication skill in English will be an advantage.
• Portfolio request upon application.

Principle Responsibilities (Indicative % only)
• 通过一系列的媒体(网络营销,网站,手机,动画等),完善品牌的设计制作
• 参与共同创建和支持多渠道营销活动的创意和完稿工作
• 能够为应用程序设计和用户界面的版面编排提供高端有效的解决方案
• 负责对网站整体表现风格定位和设计框架,并确保所有的解决方案都能有效实现
• 准确理解并遵守相关设计标准,包括标志、字体等进行设计
• 协助和确保团队交付的作品满足客户的要求
• 勇于为团队成员和领导推荐新的想法
• 为现有的概念/方向制定合理的大纲
• 参与项目前期讨论及支持业务开发

Personal Profile:
• 本科及以上学历,美术设计或相关院校毕业
• 3年以上互联网、广告行业相关工作经验
• 熟练运用Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash等设计软件
• 熟悉网站建设流程及构架,逻辑思维清晰,
• 具有责任心和创作热情、热爱网络广告创意,对色彩、排版有敏锐的见解
• 较强的学习和适应能力,具备团队合作精神,抗压力强
• 具有良好的沟通能力, 英语听说读写能力良好者优先
• 需提供个人作品

Senior Business Development Manager

Overall Purpose: The Senior Business Development Manager is responsible and accountable for the development of new business accounts. Identify new business leads and to secure new business accounts by providing workable CRM/Loyalty solutions.
Classification (Permanent/ Contract): Full time
Department: Business Development
Location: Shanghai
Reporting to(Position): Country Manager

Key Deliverables:
• New business development plan
• Sales lead numbers
• Proposals
• New contracts
• Billing amount

Principle Responsibilities (Indicative % only)
• Generate new business contacts and initiate client meetings
• Present company credentials
• Work out proposals by coordinating company resources
• Organize follow-up activities and maintain good relations with prospects
• Monitor and control clients’ budgets to ensure the new business is pitched efficiently and activity is accurately forecast.
• Aim to meet and exceed forecast and attain the agreed level of financial targets.
• Take care of logistics of new business
• Keep and update a sales pipeline

Personal Profile:
• Minimum 7 years’ experience within the marketing industry.
• Solid understanding of direct marketing, CRM, loyalty business, new media marketing.
• New business experience, working on pitches and proposals
• Superior written and verbal communication skills
• Advanced numeracy skills and the ability to accurately price, budget and forecast
• Strong and confident presentation skills
• Demonstrated creative problem solving and ability to work with strategic concepts
• Excellent knowledge of China marketing industry
• Excellent personal business presentation
• Flexible and adaptable to changing environments
• Energy, enthusiasm and positive attitude with a desire to progress
• Self-motivated & ability to motivate others
• Hungry for success.

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