Isobar is a modern communications agency network, made up of a committed and diverse group of over 3,000 people in 36 markets. Established in 2003, Isobar is the global home for the world’s finest digital pioneers and the smartest traditional marketing talent, that helps reconnect brands with their fans and customers by creating irresistible ideas combining creative, planning, technology and data. As long as you are endless creativity, extremely passionate, hunger for challenges and digital admire, then you are born to be an ISOBARer!

About Isobar
» Isobar is part of Aegis Media
» We have over 3,000 digital pioneers in 63 offices, across 37 markets worldwide
» Key clients include adidas, Avis, Coca-Cola, Disney, General Motors, Google, HBO, Kellogg and P&G
» In 2012 Isobar won over 180 awards, including 9 Cannes Lions and 13 Agency of the Year titles


Position: Strategic Planning Supervisor / Associate Social Media Account Director/ Content Edit Manager/ Content Planner

If you are interested in these positions, please send your updated resume to: or click the application link accordingly.

Strategic Planning Supervisor Click to Apply

You have track record on establishing impactful communication strategy for digital campaign, achieving desired communication objectives and added value to client’s business.
You are now attracting by a bigger platform to challenge yourself and achieve more.
You are the talent we want!

Role Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for understanding the consumer insights and digital trends
2. Responsible for developing digital communication strategy
3. Be able to work independently on a single project by understanding the mechanism design, reporting, and implementation of online campaigns
4. Be able to lead & coordinate different partners on a large scale project or integrated campaign
5. Supervising a team to provide services to key clients

Associate Social Media Account Director Click to Apply

1. To manage the implementation of all plans, including social media strategy, campaign planning, content and KOL strategy. Continuously analyze the results of the social media communication in order to optimize and maximize effectiveness.
2. Provide strategic social media direction to the execution team in order to properly manage client’s expectations
3. Working process and project management optimization
4. Monitor trends in social platforms, tools, trends and applications

1. Team worker, Bachelor’s degree required 2. 6+ years of digital experience including 3+ years china social media experience 3. Proven ability to lead and manage a team and with excellent communication and time management skills
4. Familiar with social platforms, content creation and best practices
5. Knowledgeable and passionate about digital marketing strategy, practices and innovation 6. Strong organization skill, entrepreneurial outlook, hands on management/business approach
7. Strong client service ability, and comfort, superior negotiation skills
8. Good financial knowledge
9. Fulgent in English speaking and writing
10. With specific personal interest/habits

Content Edit Manager Click to Apply

1. Implement social content and editorial plan
2. Copywriting across social platforms, incl digital campaigns, Work out details across social platforms and devices
3. Photo/video material collection & script writing
4. Topic/content creating based on hot topics in town or brand/product information
5. Closely co-work with content planner and designer
6. Monitor trends in social media tools, trends and applications

1. Team worker
2. Bachelor Degree
3. 4+ years related experience including 3+ years social content creation experience
4. Has the passion on exploring consumer insight and popular terms/topics
5. Embrace diverse brands and industries, always eager to know more
6. Has specific personal interest/habits (be certain level of opinion leader among peer is plus)

Content Planner Click to Apply

1. Understand client brief, and internal communication with other teams
2. Consumer insight generation from social and market/platform trends
3. Develop detailed social content plan and topic angles
4. Content planning with storytelling skill
5. Strategic thinking ability to make deliverables meet client’s objectives
6. Data and analytic sense to optimize content planning
7. Monitor trends in social platforms, tools, trends and applications

1. Team worker
2. Bachelor Degree
3. At least 3+ years of digital experience, 2 years of related social content developing experience is a must
4. Copywriting and storytelling skill in oral and writing
5. Digital sensitive, strong logical thinking ability
6. Excellent communication skills
7. Passionate about hottest topics, curious about successful cases. Always asking why, and explore the reasons
8. Has specific personal interest/habits

Join Isobar! Ideas without limits!

To find out more positions onIsobar, please visit Aegis Media China Careers website.

By: Chloe


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