Position: Project Manager 项目经理

1.Manage website and RIA applications project development.
2.Gather and understand client requirements.
3.Develop project plan
4.Lead the project by coordinating with Account team and Creative team, and managing different internal resources, mainly technical and design and tester, to deliver the project
5.Foresee project or resource risks and provide solutions.
6.Monitor project progress proactively.
7.Well estimate the resource in the project plan.
8.Handle project change on the course of the project
9.Ensure the project deliver timely and in good quality
10.Carry out project review after closure

1.Bachelor degree holder, preferably in computer science or related discipline.
2.At least 5 years of software project management, web application oriented experience is preferred.
3.Able to grasp client’s requirements quick.
4.In-depth knowledge and hand-on experience of project management in general, develop project plan, communication plan and so on.
5.Understand SDLC and software engineering methodologies, e.g. agile, waterfall and alike.
6.Understand Website and RIA development.
7.Presentable and a good communicator
8.A discipline, careful, detail and reliable person
9.Knowledge on PHP, .Net, Flash is a plus
10.PMP qualification is a plus
11.Good command in English.

Please send your CV to:vivi.zheng@vivaki.com, and specify from Madisonboom.

By: Chloe


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