Founded in 2003, Isobar has since become the world’s most global digital agency powered by nearly 3,000 people across 37 markets. We create long-term, rewarding relationships between brands and consumers, and are committed to ideas without limits, borderless thinking and experiences that translate across markets. Our worldwide reach means that we can bring fulfilling experiences to our clients and their customers—wherever they want to lead in the world.

We bring together ingenious creative talent and technology experts to realize the full promise of digital. Come join us.

About Isobar
» Isobar is a trading division of Aegis Media Limited.
» We have over 3,000 digital pioneers in 63 offices, across 37 markets worldwide
» Key clients include adidas, Bacardi, Coca-Cola, C&A, Listerine, KFC, Wyeth, Stride and Oreo
» In 2012 Isobar won over 180 awards, including 9 Cannes Lions and 13 Agency of the Year titles



Senior Copywriter

1. 渴望广告舞台的写手
2. 文字品味够好,创意欲念够偏执

1. 大本以上学历,广告、新闻、中文等相关专业毕业
2. 3年以上digital文案撰写经历
3. 文字功底扎实,出手快,收笔不拖拉,并能撰写有没的英文文案
4. 有阅读习惯,喜欢说故事,更喜欢大家听你说故事
5. 喜欢人,不抗拒团体,愿意和伙伴一起信仰team work无敌

Senior Art Director

1. 与创意小组密切配合完成创意表现
2. 对客户进行创意提案
3. 配合第三方实现相应的工作协调

1. 5年以上digital设计经验,接受过正规的美术、设计方面的训练
2. 优秀的设计和创意能力
3. 熟练运用PhotoShop, Illustrator, Flash等设计软件
4. 熟悉互动网络广告行业运作模式和公司设计业务流程及规范
5. 喜欢人,不抗拒团体,愿意和伙伴一起信仰team work无敌

Media Planning Director

1. Set the working methodology for the group and is directly responsible for the online media planning and buying operations
2. Provide strategic online media direction to the Account Services team in order to properly manage client’s online media expectations
3. Oversee development strategies, implementation plans, and provide requirements and insights into overall technical requirements and development including creative
4. Develop targeted relationships with leading publisher and advertising networks, drive the testing, optimization, and maintenance of our advertiser and publisher relationships
5. Participates in new client presentations as the leader in the online media planning, buying and strategy, develops and leads the internal development of the online media best practices
6. Develop data-driven approaches to online media testing, media assessment and optimization and eventual roll out recommendations
7. Continuously analyze the results of the online media campaigns in order to optimize to maximize profitability, supervise and review development and implementation of all plans
8. Provide and/or guide strategic input for all plans internally and externally, help set negotiations strategies, establish and maintain communications process with clients

Media Planning Manager

1. 7 years of solid experience of online media buying, planning and strategy. At least 4 years China experience
2. Experience with CPM, CPA and CPC
3. Proven ability to lead and manage a team, knowledgeable and passionate about interactive marketing concepts, practices and programs
4. Candidate must have strong organization skill, entrepreneurial outlook, hans on management/business approach and excellent communication skills
5. Strong client service ability and comfort
6. Superior negotiation skills, established publisher contacts
7. Familiar with tools such as iresearchtoolDFA, AdRelevance
8. Bachelor degree required
9. Fluent in English speaking and writing

1.To verify the work are correctly done by subordinates before sending to internal/external contacts
2.Have an in-depth knowledge of the client’s business and its competitors to determine sufficient advertising and media needs and to ensure plans are properly executed and delivered
3.To develop subordinates’ capabilities of strategic thinking, as well as data analysis.
4.To participate in the training of all subordinates by performing regular sharing sessions, monitor subordinates’ day-to-day performance.
5.To balance job tasks between subordinates dependent on their availabilities and capabilities.

1. Bachelor Degree
2. 5+ years digital media Planning experiences
3. Have digital sensitive, strong logical thinking ability
4. Excellent communication skills
5. Excellent EXCEL skills

Senior Account Manager

Main Responsibilities:
1.Understands and upholds company’s mission and values
2.Discussing creative ideas with clients, creative, media or production departments
3.Present agency’s creative ideas to existing/potential clients and handle budgeting matters
4.Putting strategy and action plan decisions into action maintaining constant contact with clients
5.Possess excellent communication (written and oral), analytical, interpersonal and problem solving skills
6.Experienced in managing multiple simultaneous projects, involving cross-functional teams, with budget, schedule and resource constraints
7.Advanced negotiation, communication, requirements gathering, documentation, and organization skills with an outstanding attention to detail – Business and technical aptitude
8.Having website or software prototype writing experience is a plus

1. Bachelor Degree
2. 5+ years digital planning relevant working experiences including 2 years business experiences
3. Excellent English & Chinese communication skills

Account Executive

1. 协助项目管理的协调与执行工作
2. 负责中大型企业及品牌规划数字行销策划的执行与监控
3. 负责客户联系之联络纪录撰写及文件管理

1. 国内外大学毕业, MBA尤佳
2. 1年以上网络、行销企划相关工作,有市场互动、线上社交、网页项目管理者优先
4. 卓越的项目执行和客户管理技巧
5. 卓越人际沟通和组织管理技巧
6. 高度积极性、有主动意识、抗压能力强
7. 熟练运用office各项软件

Interactive Design Director

1. Flash动画设计、统和
2. Design的执行
3. 熟悉AS Flash程序

1. 5年以上相关经验
2. 优秀的设计和创意能力
3. 熟练运用PhotoShop, Illustrator, Flash等设计软件
4. 熟悉互动网络广告行业运作模式和公司设计业务流程及规范
5. 喜欢人,不抗拒团体,愿意和伙伴一起信仰team work无敌

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