1. Senior Account Director/ 资深客户总监

Job Summary:

Overall, the Senior Account Director (SAD) is the most involved account person on the business. The SAD has Account Management responsibility for the day-to-day growth and vitality of the business, as well as leads the development and execution of the Brand Vision, strategies and creative. The SAD builds and strengthens Client relationships across all levels and provides strong leadership and initiative in leveraging the full range of Y&R’s resources to address the Client’s domestic and global needs. The SAD shares in the responsibility of the financial commitments of the account.

More specifically, the SAD is responsible for: bringing one unsolicited idea and solution to the Client once a quarter; acting as knowledge officer of the category; writing concise strategies; involvement in new business development; ensuring neither a timetable nor budget are missed by the account group; driving creative excellence; presentation skills should be of the highest caliber.

Major Responsibilities:

1. Internal: The Senior Account Director is managing the growth and development of the team as a partnership with Creative and Planning. The internal contacts include:
• General Manager
• Brand Team Leader
• Group Account Directors
• Creative Directors
• Planning Director

2. External: The Senior Account Director works to build and maintain relationships across all levels of Client Management. The SAD is also responsible for resolution of significant Client/Agency issues at any level that may arise.

More specifically, the Senior Account Director has eight key areas of responsibility:

1. Ensure Strong Client Relationships
• Build and maintain partnership with Clients at all management levels.
• Involve multiple Client contacts where appropriate.
• Involve senior Y&R management at appropriate times.
• Listen and understand Client’s business and objectives.
• Monitor Client satisfaction with Agency performance.

2. Provide Strategic Marketing Counsel to Clients at all Management Levels
• Adopt a broad perspective in viewing Client’s businesses and integrate that into the day-to-day management.
• Maintain stewardship of the Brand Vision.
• Identify most critical issues or problems.
• Manage best Agency resources to solve Client’s problems.
• Work closely with senior Clients to steward Brand and product positioning and strategies.
• Initiate business building ideas.

3. Understand and Communicate Client’s Business Objectives
• Develop and maintain “intimate” knowledge of Client’s business and key Client personnel.
• Remain closely in touch with day-to-day Client needs and long term Brand/business strategies and visions.
• Ensure understanding of Client’s objectives/needs, while working with the Agency Brand Team.
4. Identify and Cultivate Business-Building Opportunities (for Y&R and the Client)
• Stay ahead of the Client.
• Develop recommendations to advertise and/or promote new products or services via incremental funding or expansion into other Y&R subsidiaries.
• When applicable, play an important role in the development of new business proposals.

5. Represent Agency Objectives and Initiatives to Account Team
• Clearly communicate Agency objectives, policy and focus.
• Understand and convey Agency priorities.
• Manage the application of Agency initiatives to Client’s business.

6. Lead Agency Account Team towards Strategic and Creative Excellence
• Work with Planning and Creative Groups to identify and establish correct strategic direction for Brand(s).
• Ensure all work is strategically sound.
• Transfer understanding of consumer trends and behavior to strategic and creative work.
• Work with Creative Directors to facilitate creative excellence in all work.
• Maintain highest quality of execution.
• Provide support for position which is in Client’s and Agency’s best interests.
• Monitor individual and/or account performance.

7. Be a Mentor and Role Model for Account Management
• Provide clear and consistent feedback to all Account Management personnel.
• Work with Brand Team Leader, GAD to insure that proper training is available for Account Team.
• Have an “open door” policy that encourages open and frank communication with all members of the Agency Account Team.
• Always act with integrity and in the Agency’s best interest.
• Responsible for the career development, motivation and guidance of the members of the Agency Account Team.
• Establish performance objectives and provide evaluations.
• Work with Business Director or Brand Team Leader to identify compensation and advancement within Agency Account Team.

8. Manage Financial Performance of Account
• Work with Business Director or Band Team Leader to establish operating budgets and set profit goals for the account.
• Assist Business Director or Band Team Leader in negotiating agreements with top-level Clients to ensure financial goals are achievable.
• Shares in delivery of financial goals.

Qualifications / Specific Skill Requirements:

• BA/BS degree.
• 7 years relevant working experience in 4A agency.
• Excellent business development and project management skills.
• Successful track record managing multiple client assignments.
• Knowledge of all agency functional areas.
• Proven track record of developing client business.
• Agency and account management experience required.
• Man-management experience essential.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Ability to handle multiple projects through effective organizational skills.
• Have physical and mental requirements to meet the above listed job responsibilities.

2.Senior Designer/资深设计师

 根据客户诉求、广告目标,全面实施客户项目的创意设计;
 确定广告的基调和表现形式,以及要达到的营销与传播效果,提供具有创意的方案;
 负责平面设计工作,包括品牌视觉设计、平面应用设计、包装设计、网页规划设计等;
 能独立完成各项项目设计提案,提升比稿的成功率;
 协助其他创作人员对设计及美学方面的工作顺利完成;
 协助网页设计人员对网站风格的把握,色调搭配,布局合理性处理等;
 与客户方沟通,保证各类平面项目的质量及其时间的把握及成功的验收;
 在项目设计的过程中提供合理的科学化建议,不断提升创作团对的整体服务水准;
 负责设计控制的执行和维护,不断提升设计水平,以达到公司日益提高的要求;
 负责协助创意总监控制创作部的客户文件和作品的建档管理;
 监督、指导后期制作部门,与客户部门总监及后期制作总监共同严格把控作品质量;
 向本部门创意总监及时汇报项目实施的平面设计进程,保证各项任务顺利完成。

 大学本科及以上学历,艺术设计专业、广告学专业;
 受过广告美术、广告制作、等方面的专业知识培训;
 具有3年以上广告创意工作经及设计工作经验;
 具有1年以上4A广告公司创意及设计工作经验;
 有较新的创意理念,资深的美术功底,创意新颖,思维丰富;
 精通广告设计流程,具有丰富的色彩、图形设计能力;
 具备独立的广告创意设计能力,且能与团队高效协作;
 熟练使用Photoshop、Illustrator、Coledraw 、FreeHand等设计软件。

3. Associate Account Director/副客户总监

Major Responsibilities:

• Development and presentation of program ideas and strategies to client and stakeholders.
• Responsible for the day-to-day management of the account ensuring the campaigns are on brief, on time, on budget and delivered to a high level of quality.
• Briefing, debriefing and presenting creative – being able to confidently assess creative.
• Evaluate creative, studio and production output – manage both client and internal expectations.
• Maintain thorough up-to-date knowledge of client’s business and develop strong client relationships.
• Proactively seek out innovative solutions for clients.
• Become an expert on the clients brand and products, as well as the industry, market trends and competitors.
• Ensure financial management and control, including client budget, expense reporting, campaign profits/losses and monthly agency forecasting, tracking and billing.
• Shows enthusiasm for their client’s business.
• Regularly monitors and analyses competitive advertising and competitive product activity.
• Answers all client queries promptly.

Qualifications / Specific Skill Requirements:

• 3 years relevant working experience in 4A agency.
• Excellent project execution and client management skill.
• Good presentation, verbal and writing skills – both Chinese and English.
• Microsoft Office competent.
• Team player, respect for process.
• Show initiative.

4. Account Executive/ 客户执行

Major Contacts:


• Produces a regular status report on each of his/her accounts.
• Organizes regular internal status meetings.
• Responsible for organizing client meetings and requirements thereof (e.g. booking rooms, lunch, room layout/presentation, etc.).
• Records all client meetings in accurate contact reports, distributed within 24 hours.
• Maintains a central filing system for documentation and tapes.
• Checks the quality of all work leaving the agency.
• Assists the Account Manager in anticipating problems before the arise.
• Develops a reputation with clients and within the agency for total reliability.


• Shows enthusiasm for their client’s business.
• Regularly monitors and analyses competitive advertising and competitive product activity.
• Answers all client queries promptly.


• Provides creative teams with help to produce stimulus to assist generation of top quality work.
• Works with creative teams to help produce the most relevant presentation materials for new work.
• Collects competitive work and shares it with the Client Team.
• Shadows Account Manager.
• Develops an expert understanding of the agency’s financial systems.
• Takes over specific financial responsibility delegated by the Account Manager.


• Delegates effectively to members of their team/other departments.

Creative Services
• He/she must learn and understand the production process and how work progresses from a written brief to the finished creative product.
• Management, with the team, of the day to day delivery of jobs is a critical area.
• He/she must learn the agency systems and how to assist in implementing them to ensure sound management of projects.


• Acts as a central point of contact for all client team issues.
• Is a trusted and effective team administrator.
• Collects and maintains information required by the client team (brand, product, internal procedures, brand guidelines, etc.).

Qualifications / Specific Skill Requirements:

• Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising or Marketing major.
• At least 1 years of Account Executive experience.
• Proven track record of exceptional service.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Ability to handle multiple projects through effective organizational skills.
• Have physical and mental requirements to meet the above listed job responsibilities.

5. Senior Art Director, Art Director, Senior Copywriter


Senior Art Director
Art Director
Senior Copywriter

6. VF Assistant/广告审核助理

ØAssists MPM in working with creative/production teams to ensure the development of vendor-compliant creative, with Media team and other creative groups to track all vendor-funded programs;
ØAccesses Intel and AMD systems to upload all required documentation for vendor-funded programs
ØWorks closely with Media and Project Mgmt teams to ensure accuracy of program details;
ØMaintains a solid and current understanding of compliance guidelines, performance metrics, legal requirements;
ØMonitors trends continually to identify potential issues or risks;
ØIdentifies situations that require escalation (proactively solve issues and escalate as last resort);
ØMake adjustments when required or requested by senior staff;
ØFollows standard operating procedures and utilizes appropriate tools and templates for each required task;
ØResponds effectively to team questions;
ØIdentifies opportunities for improving communication;
ØEscalates issues appropriately and professionally and demonstrates good judgment in handling difficult situations;
ØPartner with internal clients in a positive, professional and constructive way, establishing solid relationships;
ØWorks with extended team to ensure that client expectations are met.

ØBS / BA Degree;
ØMinimum requirements include one year professional work experience;
ØSolid PC skills and Microsoft software (MS Project , Visio, Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

7. 实习生(Creative/Planning/Account)

 大四在读学生;
 每周至少可实习4天,实习6个月以上;
 要求广告,设计,美术,新闻等相关专业;
 良好的学习和沟通能力,并具有奇思妙想的精神。

扬罗必凯将2014年的实习生计划于9月份正式启动,届时欢迎同学们发简历及作品到 amy.chen@yr.com 报名参加,名额有限哦!

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