Senior Account Executive/资深客户主任

Job Summary:

Responsible for the coordination of elements of advertising or direct marketing programs, manages production schedules and costs for direct marketing programs to ensure on-time and on-budget programs.

Major Responsibilities:
· Prepare accurate call reports and distribute to applicable client and internal team members.
· Effective execution of relationship marketing programs including written communication of program changes and updates to all team members.
· Consult with Creative, Account Management and other internal departments to communicate client objectives and to develop strategic solutions. Develop draft of creative and/or project brief. Submit to Supervisor for review/approval.
· Participate in creative development and reviews to ensure that concepts and execution are on strategy and meet objectives. Review and approve copy, layouts and proofs for assigned projects prior to presentation. Submit to Account Supervisor for approval.
· Job files and completion of various process-related forms.
· Set agendas for scheduling and running meetings.
· Prepare estimates, estimate revisions, work orders and other critical financial checkpoints to keep projects on time and on budget.
· Maintain schedules and ensuring timely completion of projects.
· Help provide recommendations to Manager for expanding the scope of the client relationship based on the opportunities observed.
· Shows enthusiasm for their client’s business.
· Regularly monitors and analyses competitive advertising and competitive product activity.
· Answers all client queries promptly.

Qualifications / Specific Skill Requirements:
· Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising or Marketing major.
· At least 2 years of Account Executive experience.
· Proven track record of exceptional service.
· Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
· Ability to handle multiple projects through effective organizational skills.
· Have physical and mental requirements to meet the above listed job responsibilities.

Account Manager

Job Summary:

The Account Manager will work closely with other team members to develop innovative, cost-effective concepts, ideas and solutions for clients as well as manage to the day to day aspects of the account.

Major Responsibilities:
· Development and presentation of program ideas and strategies to client and stakeholders.
· Responsible for the day-to-day management of the account ensuring the campaigns are on brief, on time, on budget and delivered to a high level of quality.
· Briefing, debriefing and presenting creative – being able to confidently assess creative.
· Evaluate creative, studio and production output – manage both client and internal expectations.
· Maintain thorough up-to-date knowledge of client’s business and develop strong client relationships.
· Proactively seek out innovative solutions for clients.
· Become an expert on the clients brand and products, as well as the industry, market trends and competitors.
· Ensure financial management and control, including client budget, expense reporting, campaign profits/losses and monthly agency forecasting, tracking and billing.
· Shows enthusiasm for their client’s business.
· Regularly monitors and analyses competitive advertising and competitive product activity.
· Answers all client queries promptly.

Qualifications / Specific Skill Requirements:
· 3 years relevant working experience in 4A agency.
· Excellent project execution and client management skill.
· Good presentation, verbal and writing skills – both Chinese and English.
· Microsoft Office competent.
· Team player, respect for process.
· Show initiative.



· 美术指导经验丰富,能够从宏观的角度展示广告的各个方面(互动、平面、电视等等)。
· 能够使所有互动画面的创意思路概念化,并通过更好的理解将之整合在一起。
· 能够将策划方向(如创意简报中所概括的那样)转化成富有力量的广告语言。
· 为在互联网上播放的产品创造理念,将屏幕设计和用户界面的使用达到最佳效果。
· 注重与部门中文案小组的同事沟通合作。
· 促进公司新业务的发展。
· 为改善工作方法和作品质量出谋划策。
· 处理其他份内工作。
· 对最新的数字趋势把握到位。
· 协调小组各成员并指导如何将最终的美术作品形象地体现出来。
· 能有原创想法并将其整合到线上活动中,在印刷(film print)及互动方面有工作经验。
· 与其他美术指导们、文案们、设计师们积极合作,在视效解决方案中融入自己的概念/想法以及整个团队的概念/想法。
· 与创意副总监一起协助创意总监工作,跟进工作进程,及时发现并减少所在部门会遇到的问题。若有必要,向上级汇报这些问题。

· 拥有学士学位的人士优先考虑。
· 写作能力一流——能用清晰且富有说服力的语言阐述广告的各个方面。
· 能承受高压、在截止日期前完成工作。
· 口才良好。
· 能力卓越、业绩可靠,能妥善处理各项创意工作。
· 精通Mac, Quark, Adobe, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver, Front Page Director, JavaScript, Flash等相关图形及图像处理软件。
· 两年以上相关工作经验,对美术方向/设计有综合全面的理解。
· 能熟练运用字体、颜色、排版等技术,并清楚如何在想面向品牌、目标清晰的解决方案时将它们整合运用到一起。
· 体力与脑力都能满足上述各项职责需求。

客户部实习生 Account Intern

Department: Account

– 有良好的团队精神及工作态度
– 英文熟练,至少应与六级,考试分数不少于590分
– 每周至少工作4天
– 3个月表现良好将转为正式员工

Designer Intern 设计实习生

Department: Creative

· 平面设计专业的本科学历。
· 熟练操作MAC。
· 熟练操作Photo Shop, AI, AB等软件。
· 在设计排版和美术时注重细节。
· 体力与脑力都能满足上述各项职责需求。
· 较强的学习能力及创意能力,具备团队合作精神,抗压力强
· 了解广告公司及创意设计的流程
· 如表现良好将转为正式员工
· 请在简历中提供个人作品或有效链接

Copywriter Intern 文案实习生

Department: Creative

· 新闻学、传播学、中文、广告类相关专科本科学历
· 优秀的文字编辑能力,思维独特、文笔流畅,性格开朗。
· 较强的学习能力及创意能力,具备团队合作精神,抗压力强
· 了解广告公司及创意设计的流程
· 如表现良好将转为正式员工
· 请在简历中提供个人作品或有效链接

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