Head of Strategy, Greater China


1. Lead and manage the strategic planning team of Greater China and handle the planning needs for the existing accounts and potential new business;
2. Accelerate business and brand value growth with systemic strategic thinking, converging diverse perspectives and creative acumen.
3. Provide strategic counsel in marketing communications and branding to clients;
4. Collaborate with other functions to win new pitches;
5. Inspire team-mates to performance excellence;

1. 15 years+ agency/communication industry experience of which 3 years + in a planning head in 4A agencies
2. Wide experience of handling diverse categories and brands; experience of serving auto clients will be a plus;
3. Understand Greater China local market with serving both local and international brands experience;
4. Proactive, collaborative, excellent leadership style;
5. Strong English spoken and written communication skills; proficient in Mandarin will be a plus;

简历请发送至:jayda .chen@fcb.com

Account Director


Overview of Job Function
SAD is an independent operational leader. Oversee strategy and business development for the client, lead and guide the development of key client relationship organization, be responsible for the strategy and direction of the accounts

1. Develop a good relationship with client to serve as a trusted consultant.
2. Control and management of respective client’s daily jobs such as taking client brief, debrief, work with creative team for creative work development, co-ordination.
3. Maintain regular contact with key clients; proactively offer and implement new ways to meet clients’ needs.
4. Develop in-depth knowledge of clients’ business and their competitive environments, and help foster such development among junior staff.
5. Discuss and develop client monthly plan and activities.
6. Troubleshoot clients problems as they arise; seek senior management input whenever appropriate.
7. Strive to develop the best communication and presentation skills possible to effectively articulate ideas to clients, colleagues and others.
8. About 20% to handle regional works cooperating with other market as well as coordination with global.

1. Mini 8 years of relevant experience.
2. Must have strong interpersonal and communication skill.
3. Must have the ability to work effectively with a variety of internal disciplines. and business group, including account management, creative team in a fast-paced environment.
4. Must have strong presentation skills and be very detail oriented.
5. Good communication skills in both Mandarin and English.
6. Experience of international brand clients.




· 实施客户项目,负责公司日常活动的执行
· 扮演客户和公司之间的纽带,推动有效的信息沟通和交流

· 辅助并监测品牌,产品和活动策略的战略开展和创意过程。
· 撰写激发灵感的创意简报,协调激励跨部门创意团队的讨论会。
· 负责与客户联络并动员多部门团队提供具有策略意义,创新以及机动灵活的方案。
· 密切关注竞争市场,广告和零售活动,以便提供起草得当,具策略意义,及时而定期的竞争情报。
· 预估并管理公司资源,为跨职能团队更新项目进度和状态报告。
· 对草稿,完稿和计划进行质量控制,获得主管审核后送达客户
· 在广告创作的不同阶段,整理并提供必要具体的文件,以供广告审查及取得投放许可之用。
· 负责协调广告流程和内部工作程序。
· 按客户批示提供及时的作品和媒介发票,定期跟踪付款和工作关闭
· 安排并协调所有会议,做好会议准备工作(提交会议通知,预定会议室,妥当准备会议设施,设置电话会议号码)
· 汇总,组织并妥善分发相关客户业务,调查,创意及竞争材料等电子文档。

· 大学本科文凭及以上
· 一年以上广告公司经验
· 具备良好的中英文写作和口语表达能力
· 熟练运用电脑 ( PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat)
· 学习主动,细致,保持好奇心并乐于解决问题


By: Andrea Hou


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