Sr. Digital Account Director (Digital Account Director)

Location: Beijing
Report to: BD

Job Responsibilities:
• Strengthen and expand relationships with key clients.
• Supervise strategic development and implementation of direct initiatives.
• Fiscal responsibility for overall account profitability including client budget, expense reporting, and campaign profits and losses.
• Liaison between Agency and Client to establish goals and budget and ensure the receipt of quality, cost-effective solutions.
• Conduct performance management and goal assessment of staff.
Desired Skills & Experience:
• Desired above 3 years AAD experiences in China traditional or digital agency.
• Need strong planning & presentation skills.
• Experience in creative & insight/technology focus projects is a plus.
• Excellent business development and project management skills.
• Dynamic leadership, management and team building skills.
• Ability and proven track record of new business development.
• Strong client facing skills and react quickly.
• Successful track record managing multiple client assignments.
• Sound qualitative & quantitative analytical skills.
• Knowledge of all agency functional areas; including production, media, research and database.
• Marketing experiences or strong marketing sense is a plus.
• Fluency in Chinese and English.

Sr.Digital Account Manager (Digital Account Manager)

Location: Beijing
Report to: Account Director

– 了解客户的产业及相关市场状况,并能引导团队传播策略思考;
– 为客户提供顾问性的策略,建设,维护健康,互信的客户关系;
– 确保高标准的日常客户服务质量;
– 监控管理项目财务状况(预付款,账龄汇款等);

– 大学本科及以上学历,广告、传媒等相关专业优先考虑;
– 具4A广告公司工作经验者优先;
– 广告项目工作流程,深度了解市场特性;
– 具有敏锐的市场洞察力和标准的客户分析能力,有较强的团队培训能力和团队凝聚力;
– 具备优秀的时间管理和多任务规划统筹执行能力;
– 具有基本的营销策划能力,良好的广告专业知识,熟悉广告公司整体运作模式和流程;
– 掌握与客户沟通的多种技巧,善于协调、思维敏捷、缜密;
– 较强的示范能力、组织、观察、协作、管理和语言表达能力;
– 精通office办公软件,包括Excel和PowerPoint;

Digital Media Director

Location: Beijing
Report to: GM of Media

1. 负责数字媒体策划工作,为客户提供全案策划方案,进行现有客户服务和新客户开发
2. 负责与媒体联络,进行媒体购买、下单和谈判等工作
3. 数字媒体投放的执行、跟踪、结案等工作

1. 在大中型数字营销公司或4A公司数字营销部门,有5年以上工作经验
2. 具有数字营销全案经验,对数字营销传播各领域均有一定了解,包括门户网站、垂直网站、视频网站、SEM、精准营销、Mobile、SNS等
3. 具备较强的数字营销全案策划能力,能独立完成媒体方案撰写及推荐
4. 与数字媒体建立过一定的合作关系,具有一定的人脉资源
5. 大学本科或以上学历

Digital Business Director

Location: Beijing
Report to: CEO

Our Digital Business Director will focus on developing core insights and ideas that lead to compelling digital and social media strategies for clients. Through consumer and market research, creative briefs, idea creation and social/mobile ecosystem development, you will play a key role in driving innovation and ideas for new and existing clients.

Our ideal candidate needs to be passionate about the digital space and be up-to-date with the latest trends. He / She needs to have a firm understanding of the digital best practices both in China and abroad. As our Digital Business Director and Social Media, you need to have an innate curiosity about consumer behavior, and be a strong presenter – selling through strategies to both agency and client teams. You need to be positive, passionate and professional in your approach and ready to join a growing team that will define the future of an agency.

Job Responsibilities:
Our Digital Business Director will work with clients to define business as well as brand goals and develop digital strategies based on consumer insights, trend analysis and business objectives.
He or she will understand the key trends that drive consumer behavior and affect the way that brands communicate – always living at the intersection of brands, culture and creativity.
You will regularly compile/conduct research for client team, which may include competitive data, emerging opportunities, and consumer insights.
You will also oversee or execute against key planning deliverables for client & team including development of the creative brief or ideas in partnership with the Creative Director and Account Director.
You will provide the strategic voice for all our clients across all platforms – web, social, mobile, tablet, email, guerilla, etc.

Desired Skills & Experience:
10 years overall experience, in digital and planning at a digital advertising agency.
Excellent written, verbal and presentation skills in Chinese (Ability to communicate in English will be a bonus).
Proven digital planning/strategy/ background and strong consultative skills.
Team player who is highly collaborative.
Experienced in working with big brands, high level clients and across entire organizations.
Ability to build compelling strategic stories from a variety of inputs and information.
Comfortable working with creative and account servicing teams.
Strong in conceptualizing social media and interactive ideas and can integrate creative ideas with a well-thought through strategy for the digital / social space.
Well-versed in digital and Social Media tools; a master of brand-buzz creation.
Strong understanding in using all new media platforms: web, social, mobile, tablet, email, guerilla, etc.

Social Media Account Director


Creative Director/Associate Creative Director

Location: Beijing
Report to: EVP

At 180, we look for three key attributes in our employees: Positivity, Passion and Professionalism. Therefore, regardless of experience or seniority, every member of 180China will have to embody all these qualities and exhibit them in the office.
We strive to create a fun, pleasant and politics-free working environment for every employee. Being a senior management member, it will be your mission to perpetuate this culture.

– As our Creative Director (Art), you will be an important member of our Integrated Solutions Team, along with the Head of Copy, Creative Group Head, and Head of Digital. Therefore, it is important that you conduct yourself with integrity, as you seek to lead, guide and motivate your team members.
– You will be responsible for both creating brilliant cross-media concepts that impress both your colleagues and clients.
– Besides being entrusted with the execution of amazing visuals, you will also supervise the art directors and designers in their works so as to ensure a high level of art direction / design.
– During the course of your job, you may have to liase and supervise vendors such as Photographers, Mobile App designers, Technologists, TVC Directors etc.

– You are entrusted to supervise TVC and Micro Movie productions, from Pre to Post-Production stage. When there are major photography shoots, your expertise will also be called upon.
– During key client meetings and pitches, you will be requested to share your thoughts and insights in Mandarin (or even English if we are doing with western clients).
– You need to continually stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and news, and bring these learnings to the team.
– Directly reporting to the EVP, you will assist him in managing the creative team members and core projects, ensuring that excellent works are effectively produced.
– When reviewing a concept, you will have to look at it in totality (not just the art-aspect) and distil an idea down to its core. Your ability to judge and refine ideas is a necessity for your current position.
– You need to be a master visual storyteller.


Location: Beijing and Shanghai

3、作为制作人,负责每个 项目从创意概念直到最终成品,参与所有发展阶段的创意环节,通过最终定稿来确保创意和作品能得到有效的实现。
1、3年以上电视、视频、电影 和摄影的工作经验;
3、具有高度热情和责任心,勇于接受挑战,有效地监督制作过程并将创新 概念贯彻始终。

Digital Senior Art Director /Digital Group Head /Designer

Location: Beijing
Report to: CD

– 根据广告策略进行广告创意设计。
– 把握策略方向,对设计进行指导,将客户需求转化成高品质广告作品。
– 参与客户提案,阐述创意说明。

– 美术/设计专业大专以上学历。
– 3年以上4A广告公司相关工作经验并且具有互动广告经验。
– 对创意充满热情。

Social Writer

Location: Beijing or Shanghai


1、3-5年Social Writer经验

Position: Digital Designer

Location: Beijing,Shanghai
Report to: CD

– 美术设计等相关专业,大专以上学历;
– 4年以上从业经验;
– 熟悉设计软件,Adobe Photoshop/Adobe Illustrator/Adobe Flash等;
– 美术基础扎实,思维活跃,有一定的独立完成画面的能力;
– 责任感强,工作积极高效,善于沟通、协作与互动,有团队精神。

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