Assistant HR Manager

Location: Shanghai

Job Summary
1. Responsible for HR management initiatives;
2. Communicate with the talent on continuous performance improvement, employment questions and problems;
3. Conduct appropriate interviews with Junior/Middle/Senior level candidates and discover to understand the candidate’s expectations, objectives, and related requirements;
4. Investigate talent concerns/complaints, contact employee relations, and follow up and resolve the problem in a timely manner;
5. Conduct new staff orientation;
6. Performance Appraisal
1) Assist in rolling out performance review name list, prepare and dispatch review form;
2) Follow up the appraisal process, trace and collect feedbacks;
3) Check and keep appraisal record
4) Conduct talent matrix review
5) Remind supervisor do probation review, collect and check the review feedback.
7. Other HR Operations
1). Take part in resigned employee exit interview;
2). Support on preparing all kinds of HR report, such as Exit Interview Report, etc.
3). O-Chart, Turnover Report
4). WIP to Senior HR Manager,China
8. Implement group HR programs with the instruction from China Sr. HRM.

Professional Skills
1. Handles difficult personnel issues with sensitivity;
2. Is able to deal with information in a confidential manner at all times;
3. Builds good relationships with suppliers of HR services.

Financial management
1. Is able to complete basic financial administration required within the department

Technical Expertise
1. Is able to implement HR administration procedures including Recruitment、Induction、Talent matrix review、Leavers
2. Understands and is able to use all of the Windows applications at a basic/intermediate level;
3. Maintains database systems containing employee information;
4. Is able to produce and analyse reports and make recommendations based on employee information;
5. Understands the importance of keeping up-to-date employee records and files.


By: Andrea Hou


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