我们是NURUN, 我们的人统称“牛人”。全球顶尖互动大牛们汇聚这里,在不断迭代突变的数字时代专于以“人”为道的设计伦理和科技创新。没错,这就是因每一个“牛人”而伟大的NURUN。

1. 全球牛人:NURUN是一家全球性的互动设计与技术咨询公司。在北美、欧洲、拉丁美洲、中东、非洲和亚洲15个国家设有机构,和4000多名不同肤色与国籍的“牛人”同族。

2. 跨界牛人:NURUN的牛人各怀绝技,无论是出得乡野、入得都市的人类学家,还是胸有时代的战略家,洞悉人性的UX和视觉设计师,以及超级酷的科技新人类。

3. 牛人为本:NURUN相信人类的未来无论如何科幻,也最终属于“人”。这成就了我们最精诚信仰的核心价值观与工作方法论——“Human-centered design”(以人性为源动力的设计创新)。


1. 来自全球NURUN的顶尖专家为你培训。
2. 国际一线品牌就是你的练兵场,助你升级职业功力与段位。
3. 神秘内部组织Nufun, 帮你在8小时内外提高心理与生理的愉悦指数。比如天台上练练瑜伽、吃吃烤肉、看看露天电影……



Business Director 业务总监

Servicing Clients: FMCG/Cosmetics

Job Responsibilities
• Lead cross function and account service team, drive the new business development and cross-sell group services to increase revenue
• Develop and manage long-term solid strategic client relationship
• Business lead generation with existing and potential clients
• Analyze client needs and strategize appropriate communications solutions
• Understand and define clients’ business, project and system requirements, communicate such to project teams
• Define, negotiate, communicate, implement and manage the scope of the project and monitor quality standards on all project deliverables
• Work closely with Project and creative team to ensure seamless project execution

Job Requirements:
• 8+ years working experience in advertising and marketing industry
• 6+ years in digital related work
• FMCG or consumer base account experience is Preferred
• Excellent English & Chinese communication skills
• Good Communication skill as well as team spirit

If you are interested in these positions, please email your CV to

Account Director/Associate Account Director 客户总监/副客户总监

Job Responsibilities
• Develop a good relationship with client to serve as a trusted consultant.
• Exerts influence at all levels of Client/Agency organization—seen by Client/Agency as the daily team leader and strategic partner with key Client decision makers and Agency discipline team leaders
• Puts Creativity That Works in action through development of sound strategy, lead briefing that inspires Creative and selling of brilliant creative work that delivers on long-term brand vision
• Assure flawless execution of client projects, prioritize resources, and keep team and other groups informed of progress and changes
• Create and develop annual account plans and participate in regular account reviews with project teams and account management.
• Support senior team as required in new business development as required.
• Expand knowledge of additional software and new technologies as they develop, where applicable, and keep abreast with industry/category best practice.

Job Requirements:
• 6+ years of account management, FMCG clients servicing experience is plus
• Digital marketing experience with integrated marketing insight is MUST
• Demonstrated strategic or consultative approach to account management
• Proven success in growing account and revenue generation
• Experience managing services and project related business
• Ability to develop and motivate a team
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills and strong presentation skills

If you are interested in these positions, please email your CV to


By: Summer Zheng


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