如果你像我们一样渴望追求最美好的创意,勇敢接受未知,满含激情、好奇与昂然去创造,请将简历及作品发与 sh.recruitment@akqa.com, 期待能够与你一起完成这场思维与灵感的探险!


We are lucky enough to employ some of the best talent in the industry. Without each and every one of them, we could not create the pioneering work that wins us industry accolades, sets us apart from our competition and puts us at the top of candidate lists. Making sure we hire the right people, in the right way, is paramount.

If you are hungry to produce outstanding work, adventurous enough to make mistakes, brave enough to accept the unknown and have the passion, positivity and curiosity to make the difference. Please send us your resume/portfolio to sh.recruitment@akqa.com

Account Manager

A champion for product excellence and enduring client relationships, an AKQA Account Manager is a highly organised and credible partner. 

You will nurture and build client relationships founded on shared values and aspirations. Motivated by work that makes a meaningful and sustained impact, you have a passion for our client’s business, industry best practice and state-of-the-art techniques.

Senior Strategic Planner

Strategists at AKQA make our client’s business their business. Working with account teams and creative teams, they are the voice of both the client and the consumer, and their job rarely ends at strategy. Adept storytellers, strategists use their endless curiosity and up-to-date knowledge of popular culture and societal trends to provide unique outlooks and solutions for our clients.

Drawn from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, our Strategic Planners develop and apply market insights, data and trends to communicate and drive innovation opportunities, helping to deliver cohesive blueprints that fulfil audience needs and surpass business goals. Their work must resonate in multiple business sectors and cultures.

Sr. Copywriter

AKQA copywriters are a mix of editorial and concept writers from a range of backgrounds with experience of writing for digital. What unites them is imaginativeness, an appetite for challenge and raw talent. As a member of the AKQA Creative team, you will influence changes in consumer behaviour through ideas and the use of interactive media. You will push the boundaries of digital communications, marketing and advertising, and inspire the best global brands.

You will work with other members of the Creative team to develop innovative concepts through to final copy. You will be fully familiar with the client’s tone of voice and will write compelling and on-brand copy.

By: Summer Zheng


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