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程序化优化经理 Programmatic Marketing Manager

Overview of Job Responsibilities
• Responsible for the planning, execution, optimization and reporting of programmatic operation for clients.
• 承接客户程序化购买需求,包括制定投放计划,实际操盘,监测优化及数据汇报。
Reporting of the Role
• This role reports to the Strategy Planning Lead
• 直接汇报给整合策略规划负责人
Three Best Things about the Job
• Ace Team: With experienced digital marketing professionals on the team, you would grow & learn quickly under systematic guidance.
• Hands-on  Experience: You would participate in campaigns of significant impact, advertising for multiple brands across multiple platforms.
• Industry: You would  be part of the booming and inspiring internet industry, with abundant opportunities and resources for innovation.
• 精英团队:团队成员来自于营销,产品,数据领域的专业人士,在系统性的指导下,可以学习并快速成长。
• 实操经验:为跨品类品牌实际操作跨平台实效广告投放。
• 行业前景:电商广告和数据应用处于上升期,创新机会多,有丰富资源支撑。
Responsibility of This Role
• Set up execution plan for programmatic campaigns, suggesting budget allocation and projecting performance;
• Monitor on a daily basis and adjust the bidding price, budget limit and tactical plans to  ensure efficiency of delivery;
• Prepare post-buy reports for client and help resolve client questions regarding execution;
• Coordinate  internal financial process and cooperate with data/product/account and  other supporting teams to ensure successful delivery to clients.
• 起草程序化购买的执行方案,规划预算并预估效果;
• 每日监测并调整价格,计划预算上限和策略,确保投放效果达到预估;
• 准备数据报告,如有需求,向客户汇报答疑;
• 协调内部财务流程,与数据/产品/客户及其他内部部门协作,确保执行顺利。
Requirement of This Role
• Over 3 years of experience in digital marketing, with working knowledge about DSP/SSP/DMP/PMP(PDB);
• Team spirit and  strong desire for achievement;
• Solid communication  skill; fluency in verbal and written English is a plus;
• SEM or other  performance marketing experience is a plus.
• 3年以上数字营销经验,接触并对DSP/SSP/DMP/PMP(PDB)有一定了解;
• 具有团队精神,成就驱动;
• 良好的沟通能力,英文沟通顺畅者优先;
• 有SEM或其他实效营销经验者优先。


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By: Summer Zheng


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