客户经理/ Account Manager
• 客户主任/Account Executive

• 美术指导/Art Director
• 资深文案
• AE 实习生  
• 创意部实习生设计

有意者将简历发至, 并注明消息来源于麦迪逊邦。

客户经理/Account Manager

– At least 2-year SAE experiences with 4A agencies
– Have international account experiences
– Have FMCG or consumer product experiences
– Excellent English (both written and spoken)
– Hard-working attitude
– Good communication skill


– At least 3-month AE experiences or 3-month intern experiences with 4A agencies
– Excellent English (both written and spoken)
– Hard-working attitude 
– Good communication skill
– Marketing or Advertising Major in college

美术指导/Art Director

• Working under the supervision of CD/ACD to direct the look, feel and aesthetic of the client’s brand
• Ensure the physical look is appropriately executed and that visual look communicates the message as effectively as possible
• Supporting account team so they fully understand the creative work in order to better sell it to client
• Checking and double-checking layouts, comps, transparencies, pdf’s—or whatever other form the work is being reviewed, shown or produced—to make sure visuals are as they should be

资深文案/ Senior Copywriter

Major Responsibilities 
• 4年以上专业文案的写作经验
• 良好的文字功底和书面表达能力,熟悉广告的写作和编辑,文笔流畅,善于奇思异想
• 工作热情,对创意有独特见解,有团队合作精神
• 具备一定的英语表达能力
• FMCG经验优先。

AE 实习生  

– 与客户联络沟通,安排媒体计划,完成数据报告、竞品分析报告等辅助工作;

– 熟练使用PS、Illustrator、Flash等网页设计工具 
– 2017年设计专业毕业
– 每周工作至少4天

By: Summer Zheng


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