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Planning Manager 媒介策划经理 – 强生
Associate SEM Director SEM副总监 – 强生

北京 | 明思力集团

Associate Consultant (Consumer)

北京 | 阳狮媒体

SEO Manager 搜索优化经理 – 利洁时
iTV Supervisor 策略购买主管 – 利洁时


上海 | IPG盟博广告

Planning Manager 媒介策划经理



1.Responsible for day to day planning on assigned brands;
2.Play active support roles in ensuring quality service and delivery;
3.Maintain quality control of all projects and plans of clients;
4.Supervise and instruct Media Planner/Senior Planner’s document writing;
5.Assist the (Associate) Planning Director in creation and implementation of a holistic communication plan and architecture for their brands
6.Have an in-depth knowledge of the client's business and its competitors to determine sufficient advertising and media needs and to ensure plans are properly executed and delivered
7.Ensure that projects are produced completely, accurately and with a maximum of manpower efficiency

1.Excellent general education with 4-5 years relevant experience;
2.Must have excellent communication and presentation skills;
3.Proficiency in Mandarin, English both in conversation & writing Computer knowledge, especially PPT in English is a must;
4.Always keep a cool head when facing numbers and pressure;
5.Detail-oriented, patient, independent and responsible for work;
6.Be a frequent user of OFFICE software and media tools software.


Associate SEM Director SEM副总监


1. 为客户提供专业SEM (SEO) 服务
2. 领带团队工作,管理团队多行业客户的投放需求,确保团队工作效率及效果,带领团队成长
3. 领导团队参与新客户SEM业务的比稿,帮助公司拓展Digital业务客户
4. 除PPC产品之外,需要深入创新运用搜索平台display等多元化产品,提升客户的品牌及效果产出。
5. 与策划团队紧密合作提供客户整合营销方案及策略支持
6. 与global和regional搜索团队密切合作服务于现有大客户及新业务拓展
7. 与各大搜索引擎媒体沟通协调投放及政策事宜
8. 给予现有团队SEM专业培训,协助公司获得百度专业认证资格

1. 大学本科以上学历
2. 4年以上SEM管理优化经验,2年以上团队管理经验
3. 充分了解各大搜索引擎(百度、Google、搜狗、搜搜等)系统及产品,并能熟练操作后台
4. 对搜索引擎未来发展有清晰见解;了解搜索引擎产品发展动态及竞争对手情况
5. 熟悉GA,百度统计等广告监测系统,并能结合客户的实际投放需求制定数据追踪策略
6. 有丰富的创意策划能力和敏锐的营销市场洞察力,善于数据分析
7. 能承受压力,有良好的团队合作能力,具有很强的沟通协调能力和商务谈判能力,思维开阔,性格活跃,学习能力强。



北京 | 明思力集团

Associate Consultant (Consumer)

Location: Beijing

Position Highlight:
We are looking for a public relations professional to join MSLGROUP China ,The person must possess at least 4 years’ experience, be keen to learn and contribute to the team. Strong writing skills are a must and previous experience in FMCG or Technology clients. Beverage field would be advantageous. Previous agency experience is preferred.

• Demonstrate proficiency in writing key strategic documents (e.g., key messages, FAQ);
• A coach who leads in a respectful, caring way that allows for pride, growth and satisfaction of junior Team members, tutor subordinates to become proficient in the written and verbal communication appropriate to their level;
• Independently handle one or more Client Teams in large projects and/or retainer clients;
• Responsible for strategic client service documents and processes such as the Monthly work plan, Yearly work plan, Quality follow-up and Quarterly/yearly reviews;
• Develop PR plans with integrated social media elements and overall media strategy; proficient in using various media tools for individual client needs;
• Expand network of journalists and influencer networks, demonstrate in-depth knowledge of journalists/ influencers' interest and work preference;
• Lead brainstorming and creative process;

• At least 4 years PR or related working experience, more than 2 years’ experience in serving relevant clients.
• Strong strategic thinking, planning and writing ability.
• Good team management skill, solid event organization skills, ability to handle and manage stressful situations.
• Good understanding and network of media;
• Ability to develop and present new business pitches;
• Strong oral, writing and editing skills. Proficient in MS office operation.


Publicis Media-logo-h100

北京 | 阳狮媒体

招聘企业:阳狮媒体 Publicis Media

SEO Manager 搜索优化经理 – 利洁时

• 负责客户全网搜索优化工作。分析品牌特性,为客户定制SEO策略,跟进SEO项目执行;
• 负责各项SEO数据监控、分析,持续优化推广效果;
• 协助客户跟进网站开发项目,协调技术和创意完成网站内容板块的开发与更新。

• 本科以上学历,4年以上SEO工作经验;
• 熟悉Google、Baidu等各大搜索引擎的原理和特点,有SEO知识基础;
• 有技术背景,或有内容优化经验者优先;
• 逻辑思维能力强,有钻研与学习精神;
• 良好的数据分析能力,挖掘数据价值;
• 能够独立完成各个SEO工作任务,对接客户;
• 英文读写流利,有互联网广告行业经验优先。

iTV Supervisor 策略购买主管 – 利洁时

• 负责客户TV、OTV部分市场或平台的投放战术制定
• 制作TV和OTV媒介排期,完成媒介投放前期评估,中期执行,后期监测的全流程工作
• 协助主管/经理完成客户内部统筹工作
• 协助完成行业报告分析及撰写

• 本科毕业, 4年以上媒介策略购买相关工作经验
• 熟练掌握TV、OTV媒介投放流程的工作,有经验的积累和观点的提炼
• 熟练操作Infosys/ADP等相关媒介软件及Excel、PPT等办公软件
• 能准确解读客户需求,并按需求完成工作
• 逻辑思维强、责任心强、工作主动认真
• 英语水平高的优先

By: Summer Zheng


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