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我们是壹传集团 We are Group IMD

壹传信息(IMD China)是全球性的科技公司,我们变革了中国广告广告业的传统广告片传输的工作流程。
Group IMD is a global technology business; transforming China’s advertising distribution workflows.

我们的产品:IMD Cloud,广告主,创意公司,媒体公司,制片公司,后期制作公司,音频公司和制片都可以使用IMD Cloudl来管理电视工作流程,传输和管理电视广告片,电视台接收、审核等广告片传输工作流程。IMD Cloud还可以帮助整个工作流程的自动化,连接每个步骤,并变革了整个传统的工作流。
Our product, IMD Cloud, manages the work-flow and delivery of TV commercials between Broadcasters, Advertisers, Creative Agencies, Media Agencies, Production Companies, Post Production, Audio Houses and Producers. It automates processes, connects everyone and transforms traditional workflows.

Currently the only such service in China, we have a large and growing client base, as people are making the move from traditional analog/digital tapes to new and full digital workflows.

Working in more than 100 markets with over 40 local offices, we manage the ad distribution  for the world’s largest Global brands, including Unilever, L’Oreal, McDonalds, Yum,Coca-Cola and Disney.

Client Services Executive, Shanghai

Reporting to: 中国区客户服务总监 Client Services Director, China
Location:上海 Shanghai

我们在寻找的 Who are we looking for?
The Client Services Executive role involves direct liaising with all stakeholders in the advertising distribution process when required. This includes, but is not limited to advertisers, creative agencies, media agencies, post houses, sound houses and broadcasters with the onus on using IMD Cloud as a software as service (SaaS) platform.

必须的能力 Essential Skills
●至少一年以上的广告业相关工作经验,其内容应涉及媒体、创意、后期或者电视等媒体平台 At least 1 years experience of advertising at either a media / creative agency, post production house or broadcaster trafficking TV commercials
●具有较强的管理及沟通能力,可以处理在不同地点的客户和同事的协同工作,并可以面对不同层级的人员 Strong people management skills to deal with a variety of colleagues and customers in different locations and different levels of seniority
●在全球范围内的不同文化背景条件下,具有和不同层级管理人员共同工作的能力 Must be comfortable working with a wide range of people from junior to senior management levels, different cultural backgrounds and on a global level
●快速学习能力 A quick learner with an enquiring mind
●较高的客户服务能力 Excellent client service skills
●能够在正常工作时间以外工作 Willing to work and travel outside of normal working hours when required
●面对问题可以快速思考并提出相对应的方案和建议 Ability to think quickly and problem solve to workaround issues
●无论是和团队一起还是自己单独工作时,具备高效的自我时间管理 Take initiative and manage time effectively either in a team or as an individual
●在没有监管的情况下,较强的自觉工作能力  Ability to work independently and unsupervised
●较强的书面和口语英语能力,如果有其他的语言能力更好 Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English, additional languages an advantage
●最好具有基础的音频和视频技术 Basic understanding of video and audio technology an advantage

日常 Day to Day
●主要日常服务和沟通在中国区内的现有客户(发送者)和电视台等媒体平台(接受者) First line support for all existing Clients (Senders) and the Broadcasters (Receivers) within China
●提供对应的支持文档,对上传人提供服务,已使客户拥有第一流的用户体验 Provide guides and documentation to facilitate and assist a first class user experience
●向销售和客户经理提供开发过程中的新功能培训 Provide training to the sales and account managers on any new features or functionality developed in the platform
●和IMD全球客户服务团队沟通,确保相关的海外发送及时 Communicate with the client service teams of the business globally in order to facilitate and execute any distribution order
●维护、维系客户关系 Harvest, foster and maintain excellent relations with all the stakeholders and dependants of the platform

如何申请 How to Apply?
请直接联系我们 Please contact us directly on

By: Summer Zheng


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