Beijing Position 

• 客户总监AD
• 客户经理AM
• 客户执行AE/资深客户执行SAE
• 资深美术指导Senior Art Director
• 资深创意文案 Senior Copywriter
• 策划总监 Planning Director
• 客户部实习生 Account Executive Intern

请发送简历和作品到, 请在标题中注明“希望工作地点(北京)+( 职位)期待!

客户执行 (Account Executive)/资深客户执行(Senior Account Executive)

• 本科及以上学历;广告、传媒、市场营销专业优先
• 优秀的英语听说读写能力;
• 认真、负责、学习态度佳
• 富于好奇心和创新精神,对新事物有较好领悟能力;
• 1-2年在广告公司客户服务工作经验

客户总监 AD

• To establish, maintain and cultivate the company/client relationship.
• Partner with the client to determine needs and advise clients on integrated marketing solutions.
• Keeper of brand equity, agency reputation and credibility
• A leading role in the review and evaluation of quality of all Agency major deliveries, from consumer study, brand/campaign strategy, creative briefing, creative idea, integrated communication plan etc.
• A leading role to lead and connect all agencies (media, digital, social media etc) involved in an integrated campaign to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.
• Assigns team priorities and manages resources as team coach

• Bachelor degree.AUTO
• 6+ years of relevant experiences, 2+ years of digital agency is preferred,.
• Proven Account Management skills of holistic campaigns
• Motivated, goal oriented, persistent and a skilled negotiator
• Excellent communication and presentation skills. Able to convince and influence other effectively
• Able to priorities, communicate and motivate a team accordingly
• Handles stressful situations and deadline pressures well
• Good command of English

客户经理 Account Manager

• 本科及以上学历;
• 优秀的英语听说读写能力;
• 了解客户的品牌及相关市场状况;
• 能独立面对客户,并独立处理作业中的问题,及时与团队沟通;
• 监控并保证工作项目的时间进度; 监督并保证内部流程的顺利展开;
• 2年以上广告公司客户服务经验,Skincare,FMCG,电商或汽车。

资深美术指导 Senior Art Director

• 本科以上学历,熟悉最新设计工具和各版本软件程序的运用;
• 有美术创意与执行能力,并具一定的设计指导力;
• 较强的学习能力及创意能力,具备团队合作精神,抗压力强;
• 3-5年以上广告公司创意实习或设计工作经历;
• 请在简历中提供个人作品或有效链接

资深创意文案 (Senior Copywriter)

• 本科及以上学历,广告、新闻、中文等相关专业毕业。
• 善于创新、思维活跃,擅长表达广告创意,思路清晰,文笔流畅,表述精准到位.熟悉广告文案的制作和流程,有较强的策划,能熟练使用PPT撰写文案,并具备一定的提案能力。
• 三年及以上相关工作经验,有大型活动策划经验者优先。
• 英语流利,踏实肯干,能承受较强的工作压力,责任心强,富有团队协作精神,能高质高效的完成工作。


• Develop a brand planning approach: create a best practice planning resource, build skills in digital and develop individuals skills to keep people fresh, inspired and effective.
• Partner with creative and account management peers, lead the integrated insights and strategic planning. Orchestrate all brand planning, strategic planning and analytical activityto come up with fresh and innovative insights/business opportunities to shape client business.
• Ensure all creative briefs have an idea which is/inspires creative and works effective in multiple media channels to engage target consumers
• Input into strategic proposals
• Regular business review and review of tracking, research, pre-testing data
• Review briefs and help generate ideas
• Combined input into trends and developments in China

• A minimum of 8 years’ relevant work experience, 2+ years in digital agency is preferred.
• Be able to manage and motivate creative, clients and planners
• Possess good verbal and written communication skills, both in Chinese and English
• Possess thorough market and industry knowledge – historical and current and to identify opportunities
• Possess knowledge of digital/new medias.
• Passion to explore.

客户部实习生 Account Executive Intern


请发送简历和作品到, 请在标题中注明“希望工作地点(北京)+( 职位)期待!

By: Summer Zheng


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