Job Description— Activation Team

1.  Business Director(业务拓展总监)
2.  E-commerce Account Director(电商客户总监)
3.  E-commerce Account Manager(电商客户经理)
4.  Project Director (项目总监)
5.  Project Manager  (项目经理)
6.  Content Strategist(社交媒体内容策划)
7.  Content Planner(社交媒体内容策划)
8.  E-commerce Creative Director (电商创意总监)
9.  Developer (网页开发设计师)
10.Designer (设计师)    
12.Data Manager (数据管理经理)
13.Data Analyst (数据分析员)

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1. Business Director(业务拓展总监)

• A relationship builder and proven team leader to lead day to day BM/AMD client relationships.
• have 10+years integrated Agency background (Digital focus)
• Understand the role of e-commerce and China Social media in Marketing GC mix.
• Ideally will speak Mandarin/English and Cantonese.

2. E-commerce Account Director(电商客户总监)

• Manage and develop day to day relationships with clients, raising key issues to the management.
• Communicate client actions to relevant internal resources and follow up to ensure such actions are delivered in accordance with client briefs and budget
• Identify opportunities for improvement on the client account through creative, operations or process change
• Attend regular client meetings, ensuring all pertinent actions are captured and subsequently delivered on
• Manage and coach the team
• Contribute to overall strategy, reviews and innovation
• 7+years Agency experience.
• Ideally will speak Mandarin/English and Cantonese.

3. E-commerce Account Manager(电商客户经理)

• A self starting relationship builder and proven project manager
• With immaculate attention to detail to lead day to day ABM client relationships.
• have solid integrated agency background (with a proven e-commerce delivery focus). Knowledge of P&G brand an advantage.
• Ideally will speak Mandarin/English and Cantonese.

4. Project Director (项目总监)

• 5+years proven project management leadership experience.(Tmall, JD, Taobao platform operation, planning, organizing experience is preferred);
• Responsible for push the team to perform daily work, progress tracking and control, use the specialized project management process to ensure the achievement of project objectives;
• Exceptional knowledge of China digital ECO-system;
• Must speak and read E-commerce and social platforms and lead PM and digital creative delivery team.

5. Project Manager  (项目经理)

• A proven, PM with solid 3+Years digital agency background;
• A highly organized client facing connector who will provide a link between creative team, production and vendor agencies and e-commerce/Social media platforms;
• The Digital PM will work closely with Account servicing and creative team and manage the process, timeline and delivery of projects from briefing to deployment;
• Ideally speaking English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

6. Content Strategist(社交媒体内容策划)

• Gather, audit and analyze existing content relevant to project requirement;
• Collaborate with the team and client to examine and analyze content ecosystem during the discovery phase;
• Determine overall content requirement and potential content sources.
• Ensure team aligns on content objectives, assumptions, risks and success factors;
• Develop content recommendations based on client marketing objectives and consumer needs;
• Coordinate and collaborate with the team to ensure the content development meet the requirement of SEO, social media, database management;
• Develop innovative solutions for content presentation, including content management, workflow and maintenance;
• Create taxonomic and metadata frameworks for grouping and tagging content;
• At least 3+ years’ experience in content planning and strategy.

7. Content Planner(社交媒体内容策划)

• Active thinking, creative ability,  analysis ability,Quickly understand network behavior patterns, suitable for Internet marketing creative strategies are put forward;
• Draft PR release and spread the required document,including slogan、WeChat、H5,etc;
• Brand and product promotion, planning and writing all kinds of business;
• Network copy editor and search keyword optimization ability, familiar with the search  rankings, commercial advertising, rich in BBS, weibo, WeChat operation experience;
• Business  writing experience and ability, familiar with the network language, advertising company copy job experience。

8. E-commerce Creative Director (电商创意总监)

• A proven team leader to be responsible the day to day creative delivery of the activation team. A client facing creative (ideally copy based) with a proven track record 10+years in delivering conceptually strong and channel relevant ideas and executions in China e-commerce and Social media.
• Ideally will speak Mandarin/English and Cantonese.

9. Developer (网页开发设计师)

• E-commerce platform  decoration, commodity exhibition design and advertising layout, product interface design, edit, landscaping, etc;
• optimize visual experience;

10. Designer (设计师)
• A designer with a proven track record crafting digital communications for execution in China e-commerce;
• 3+years Agency experience;
• Native to China E-commerce and digital platforms.

11. Copywriter(文案)

• A creative self starter with a proven track record in creating communication ideas and copywriting and executions in China social media;
• 2+years digital design or creative agency/social platform/E-commerce retail experience;
• Native to China E-commerce and digital platforms.

12. Data Manager (数据管理经理)

• 4+years proven project management leadership experience.(Tmall, JD, Taobao platform operation, planning, organizing experience is preferred);
• Good at database management, analysis, design tools, rapid processing system of emergencies,
• Sensitive to operational data, formulate perfect operational plan, to achieve company goals;
• Collect and understand the market dynamic, e-commerce platform based on electronic commerce changes timely planning overall promotion plan formulation for the customer;
• E-commerce platform, media, digital, social agency analytics experience.

13. Data Analyst (数据分析员)

• Familiar with electronic business platform statistics, analysis of the product function module;
• Strong at ability of data analysis, sensitive to digital, can make the store reports;
• Organization e-commerce platform, responsible for the result of the activities, timely follow up and implementation;
• E-commerce platform, media, digital, social agency analytics experience.

By: Summer Zheng


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