伟门(Wunderman)是直效行销的先驱者,是拥有逾万亿美元资产的全球性产业,至今已有50年的历史,其创新、创意及洞察力在广告界居领先地位,创造出可衡量的成效;在全球 50多个国家拥有120个办事处及15个专业公司。我们在适当的时候使用客户语言,在与消费者的交流中,创造利润并打造品牌,产生销售。伟门在中国设有包 括伟门、安捷达在北京、上海及广州6个办事处,拥有近400位专业人员,负责数据,电子及直销服务。主要客户包括福特,微软,欧莱雅,诺基亚,高露洁,箭 牌,黑人,玛氏,路虎等。《广告时代》曾在全球“十大数字代理商”排名中把伟门集团排在第四,伟门也曾在戛纳连续两年获得直销类全场大奖。是WPP集团旗下较为重要的成员之一。

有意者请将简历发送至: Hr.bj@wunderman.com ,并注明消息来源于麦迪逊邦。

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Planning Director

1. Analyze customer and competition landscapes, and derive insights and implications
2. Understand and constantly review digital trends and user behaviors, and work with client, partners and the team on appropriate strategies
3. Assist with the crafting of creative briefs to ensure engaging creative communications
4. Develop top-notch presentations, including proposals, internal creative briefs and client digital strategies
5. Analyse output from various data measurement, tracking and optimization tools, and develop recommendations for continuous campaign improvement
6. Other duties and responsibilities as required

1.BA (or equivalent) in relevant field from a top university
2.6-8 years of strategic planning experience within a digital environment
3.Extensive knowledge of latest digital marketing channels, technologies and trends
4.Comfort and effectiveness in working with clients
5.Excellent communication and presentation skills in both English and Chinese
6.Strong organizational and project management skills
7. Self-starting and passionate with ability to work under time pressure
8. Knowledge of art and technical creation and development processes a plus

Account Manager

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Understand customers’ requirements in functional as well as business aspects in order to support interactive strategy development.
2. Maintain relationships with key individuals (project owners) at middle management levels of client organization
3. Generate campaign/project proposals, pricing as well as critical path.
4. Manage CRM/Interactive strategy development with consulting team
5. Lead the creation and development of creative briefs.
6. Sound understanding and tracking of client/category competitive environment.
7. Generate proposals and strong PowerPoint skills presentations.
8. Lead proposal generation and development of new ideas for the client.
9. Manage existing projects & or new opportunities within a customer’s organization.

1. Education/ Experience: BA from an accredited school.
2. Bilingual ( able to work in global environment)
3. Minimum of 3-5 years of direct or interactive account management and/or management level marketing, a minimum of 2 year of which has been in an agency environment;
4. Experience developing relationship marketing programs for technology clients
5. Excellent understanding of digital marketing.
6. Excellent written and verbal communication skills and strong presentation abilities.
7. Strong account management, analytical, and problem solving skills.
8. Passion and desire to learn and try new things
9. Strong attention to details and process, and must have sound financial management skills

Senior Account Executive

1.Accountability for the day-to-day execution and financial management of assigned accounts.
2.Attend and facilitate (as appropriate) all status meetings, client meetings and client calls.
3.Participate in marketing planning and execution of operational/tactical aspects of campaigns.
4.Assume fiscal responsibility and monitor both client and agency budgets, including oversight of campaign profits and losses.
5.Act as a liaison between all departments and the client to ensure a timely completion of projects.

1.Thorough understanding of agency functions
2.Strong communication skills
3.Excellent organizational, time and self management skills
4.Detail oriented, with excellent follow through skills
5.Strong sense of initiative and ability to work under pressure
6.Minimum of a BA/BS degree; Marketing, Business or Communications degree preferred
7.Two to three years prior agency experience
8.Comprehensive understanding of general marketing practices
9.Strong computer skills, proficient use of Microsoft Office (including PowerPoint), Lotus Notes and Internet

Senior Art Director

1. Personally work on the graphic development of at least one product. • Interact with Copywriters to develop creative concepts and executions of assigned product(s).
2. Possess solid understanding of the science and market dynamics of assigned product(s).
3. Work closely with account executives to schedule and monitor all projects.
4. Provide accurate time and cost estimates for each tactic.
5. Perform miscellaneous tasks, as directed by Creative Director.
6. Advise client on all technical visual recommendations and/or issues.
7. Help facilitate both the input and creative meetings.
8. Assist in making presentations to client.

1. Comprehensive computer photo-retouching and image development skills.
2. Demonstrated complete understanding of.
3. Color theory and color relationships.
4. Perspective and space relationships.
5. Page composition and grid structures.
6. Communicate thorough knowledge of assigned product(s).
7. Effectively handle multiple assignments at one time.
8. Manage challenging situations both internally and with the client.
9. Command respect of freelancers and designers and be able to effectively oversee their work.

Finance Supervisor

1、Finance transactions operating
Review operating procedures to ensure relevance and efficiency
Check request/cash request Bill Agenda/Wunderman other interco invoices
AP management
Local Clients job application checking & update MPO job list

2、Corporate reporting
Financial reports required by Wunderman Asia HQ or Y&R Worldwide.

3、Monthly end closing for P&L and B/S Producing Journal Voucher ( in Adept system)-accrual revenue, deferred income, accrual 3rd parties cost
Prepare the submission of monthly actual reporting (Key-in Cartesis)   Flash/Flash Total
Update Agenda/Wunderman MPO (acc'd   revenue/bill status/intercom pass-through revenue)

4、Interco details/BS details/FA/upload   ICS report in Cartesis
CIT accr.
Prepare the  Cartesis supporting package (AR/ WIP/ deferred income and accrual revenue Aging report, cartesis vs adept reconciliation)

5、Submit statistic report

6、WIP Management

Sarbanes-Oxley Project assistance and execution
Preparation and  submission of quarterly Disclosure Letter (included Balance sheet review)

8、  Client Reporting

9、  Declare Quarterly CIT

10、Client total costs agreed upon procedures

11、Coordination with Deloitte-Auditor/tax-Auditors

12、Budget/Reconciliation of adept vs audit report/Cartesis report/Proforma adjustment

AE/CopyWriter Intern(2018年毕业)

1、Provide general day to day support to Management and Account Management teams
2、Act as a liaison with internal and external departments, and develop accurate and realistic creative, print, production and other briefs as necessary
3、To manage his/her time effectively to ensure a timely completion of projects
4、Accurately estimate and bill all work

1、Thorough understanding of agency functions
2、Strong communication skills
3、Excellent organizational, time and self-management skills
4、Excellent oral and written communication skills
5、Must be fluent in speaking, reading and writing English and Mandarin

有意者请将简历发送至:Hr.bj@wunderman.com ,并注明消息来源于麦迪逊邦。

By: Summer Zheng


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