客户经理 (Account Manager )

• 精准的项目管理能力和一丝不苟的项目执行能力。
• 以解决问题为导向来完成客户服务部的日常工作;及时和客户总监汇报工作进程。
• 了解并时时追踪客户业务、品牌、竞争对手动态。
• 通过自己对于客户业务、品牌的了解,来帮助策略部和创意部同事发展出精准优秀的创意作品。
• 确保有序、明晰、及时的日常财务管理和行政工作的进行。

• 4年以上广告公司工作经验;具有TVC和平面制作经验。2年以上互动,社交媒体,网络公布或互动公关相关经验者优先。
• 流利的英语口语能力和流畅的书写能力。
• 在紧张、快速运转的工作环境中 保持冷静的态度,解决问题,拥有批判性思维能力。
• 组织能力出众,注重细节,主动积极。

Associate Creative Director / Group Head (Copy base)     
Major Responsibilities:
• Must be a skilled writer who is able to perform in a broad spectrum of advertising disciplines (digital, print, TV, etc.).
• Must be able to conceptualize creative concept for all digital touch point and integrate it with better communication.
• Must be able to translate strategic direction (as outlined in a Creative Brief) into powerful advertising communications.
• Create concept for Web-based products, optimizing the use of screen design and user interface;
• Work as a team with Art partner.
• Contribute to the new business activities of the agency.
• Recommend measures to improve work process methods and quality of product.
• May include other duties as assigned.
• Has great knowledge of the latest digital trends.
• Coordinate team and direct how final copy is visually implemented;

Qualifications / Specific Skill Requirements:
• Bachelor’s degree preferred.
• Must have strong writing abilities–articulate and persuasive across advertising disciplines.  
• Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
• Strong presentation and negotiation skills.
• At least 8+ years of relevant working experience in agency, with a comprehensive understanding of Direct Marketing; 2 years team management experience;
• Proven track record of managing multiple Creative assignments;
• Knowledge of Mac, Quark, Adobe, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver, Front Page Director, JavaScript, Flash.
• Have physical and mental requirements to meet the above listed job responsibilities.






By: Summer Zheng


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