李奥贝纳是全球最大的广告代理商之一, 在全球84个国家的96个办公室里,拥有超过8500名员工。在中国,我们成立于1994年。


请将简历和作品发送至: samanthaq.wang@sh.leoburnett.com




1. Account Director 客户总监 / Associate Account Director 助理客户总监


*Lead and maintain a strong account service team from strategy development to solution delivery; 
*Develop innovative, strategic, creative proposals according to clients' needs, take accurate client briefs, ultimately responsible for its implement on time; 
*Establish and maintain positive client relationships, develop senior-level client relationship & potential client database for new business approach; 
*Maintain and develop account existing business, identify new business opportunities, contribute to company revenue targets 
*Assign prescribed activities within a program to members of account teams; 
*Monitor programs to ensure it's carried out within budget and timetable representations; 
*Review and approve all key product prior to client submission; 
*Ensure that department adheres to budget parameters, control P & L of projects and team expenses; 
*Actively manage and motivate professional and administrative staffs; 


* University degree and major in Advertising/Communication/Marketing;
* >5 years working experience in 4A agency; Textiles Apparel & Luxury Goods Industry relevant experience will be a big plus
* Fluent English language skill, both verbal and written;
* Good communication and interpersonal skill;
* Team spirit with passion.

2.Senior Account Manager / Account Manager 高级客户经理 / 客户经理

*Work with team to create strategic plans to meet clients’ business/brand goals
*Work with planning, creative teams, to develop concepts for projects and to ensure integration & production feasibility
*Assist Account leaders to communicate and advise strategic pl​ans to clients
*Develop the professional competencies of people and drives the team to improved performance
*Solve client service problems (before they get out of control; when necessary), communicates concerns to team and look for advice for any foreseeing issues in a timely manner

*University degree, major in Advertising/Communication/Marketing;
*At least 3 years working experience in 4A agency; Luxury retail, auto or food & beverage Industry relevant experience will be preferred;
*Be comfortable across online & offline, integrated campaign communication;
*Fluent Chinese (Mandarin) and English language skills, both verbal and written;
*Good communication and interpersonal skill;
*Team spirit with passion.

3.Associate Creative Director 副创意总监

* 负责带领部门成员开展创意、完成创意与设计项目,并进行团队管理; 
* 负责创意提案,参加新客户或大型提案会议,并负责带领团队参加比稿; 
* 审核部门内部员工的业绩、态度和潜力; 
* 管理设计部门,领导设计团队。 

* 五年以上年广告公司创意工作经验,服务过国际性客户,同时具有传功和数字广告创意经验的优先考虑。
* 熟悉广告美术创作的规律与操作原理,具备国际性广告活动的专业经验; 
* 具有深厚创意功底; 
* 了解商业的核心和本质,理解商业运作模式;

4.Social Copywriter 社交文案

* 日常社交平台信息的收集,交流和管理,并提供有创意以及有效的文案的撰写与整理;
* 积极参加与客户有关的各种社会媒体信息的收集和调研,并与美术一起为客户提供包含品牌本身、竞争对手以及流行文化在内的资源,以帮助确定和发展适合品牌和受众的声音;
* 协助客户团队,为客户做品牌推荐,并为其提供远景及方案;
* 能够挖掘并开发具有创意性及推广型的语言文字。

* 本科及以上学历,两年以上广告公司社交文案及相关工作经验;
* 能较精确的捕捉客户企业的文化内涵、企业精神进行文案创作;
* 具有创意发想及逻辑思考能力;具备驾驭文字的能力,擅长运用创造性、沟通性的文字;
* 善于提炼创作方向;掌握不同风格文案的写作方法,学识广博,思维活跃;
* 较强的沟通能力和提案技巧,熟悉各种广告形式的文字表现,能独立撰写策划方案等文件;
* 请在简历中提供个人作品或有效链接。

5.策划总监(Planning Director) 

* Provide overall strategic advice on brand communications, 
* Drive the communications planning discipline for holistic solutions on brands, 
* Engage client's key contact persons at the local and regional level, 
* Handle large size project with complex decision making hierarch, 
* Collaborate account teams to develop integrated communication strategies and plans

* More than10 years’ experience in 4A agency with some experience on international clients, 
* Experience in healthcare category is a must, 
* Strong analytical capabilities to drive planning products, 
* Excellent presentation, writing and communication skills in English and Mandarin

请将简历和作品发送至: samanthaq.wang@sh.leoburnett.com

By: Summer Zheng


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