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- 文案
- 资深美术指导
- 客户执行
- 项目经理
- 行政经理




- 恰如其分的文字表现能力和语言驾驭能力
- 热爱写作,热爱阅读
- 有创意想法


- 有良好的美术设计功底,优秀的画面表现力及内容编排能力
- 能发想创意,参与创意想法
- 有汽车客户经验者优先
- 有英文沟通能力者优先


- 1-2年广告公司经验
- 汽车类品牌服务经验优先
- 优秀的执行能力
- 熟练的口语及书面英文表达能力


- 具有两年以上大型项目(网站、网络活动)管理经验
- 具有较强的互联网产品策划能力,了解计算机技术及掌握互联网/电子商务市场动态
- 有汽车客户经验者优先

行政经理Office Manager

Job brief

We are looking for an Office Manager to organize and coordinate administration duties and office procedures. Your role is to create and maintain a pleasant work environment, ensuring high levels of organizational effectiveness, communication and safety.

Office Manager responsibilities include scheduling meetings and appointments, making office supplies arrangements, greeting visitors and providing general administrative support to our employees. Previous experience as an  Office administrator would be an advantage. A successful Office manager should also have experience with a variety of office software (email tools, spreadsheets and databases) and be able to accurately handle administrative duties.

Ultimately, the Office Manager should be able to ensure the smooth running of the office and help to improve company procedures and day-to-day operation.


Serve as the point person for office Manager duties including:
– Schedule meetings and appointments
– Organize the office layout and order stationery and equipment
– Maintain the office condition and arrange necessary repairs
– Assist HRD to update and maintain office policies as necessary
– Organize office operations and procedures
– Coordinate with IT department on all office equipment
– Ensure that all items are invoiced and paid on time
– Manage contract and price negotiations with office vendors, service providers and office lease
– Assist in the onboarding process for new hires
– Address employees queries regarding office management issues (e.g. stationery, Hardware and travel arrangements)
– Liaise with facility management vendors, including cleaning, catering and security services
– Plan in-house or off-site activities, like parties, celebrations and conferences

– Knowledge of office administrator responsibilities, systems and procedures
– Excellent time management skills and ability to multi-task and prioritize work
– Attention to detail and problem solving skills
– Excellent written and verbal communication skills
– A creative mind with an ability to suggest improvements
– University degree; additional qualification as an Administrative assistant or Secretary will be a plus

By: Summer Zheng


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