伟门(Wunderman)是直效行销的先驱者,是拥有逾万亿美元资产的全球性产业,至今已有50年的历史,其创新、创意及洞察力在广告界居领先地位,创造出可衡量的成效;在全球 50多个国家拥有120个办事处及15个专业公司。我们在适当的时候使用客户语言,在与消费者的交流中,创造利润并打造品牌,产生销售。伟门在中国设有包 括伟门、安捷达在北京、上海及广州6个办事处,拥有近400位专业人员,负责数据,电子及直销服务。主要客户包括福特,微软,欧莱雅,诺基亚,高露洁,箭 牌,黑人,玛氏,路虎等。《广告时代》曾在全球“十大数字代理商”排名中把伟门集团排在第四,伟门也曾在戛纳连续两年获得直销类全场大奖。是WPP集团旗下较为重要的成员之一。


• Business Director -digital至少8年
• Group Account Director -digital至少6年
• Senior Account director-digital至少5年
• Senior Account Manager- digital经验4年
• Account Manager – digital经验3年
• Modeling Analyst
• Traffic 1-2年工作经验

地址:上海市静安区万航渡路889号 悦达889中心19楼(近地铁11号线隆德路站,13号线武宁路站)

Business Director

Primary Function / Position Summary:    
Responsible for the coordination and allocation of agency resources to effectively service client needs. Oversees the day-to-day agency performance and agency/client relationship on one or several accounts. Directs the Account Management staff (Management Supervisors, Account Supervisors, Senior Account Executives and Account Executives). Develops, in partnership with cross-functional agency departments, overall marketing and communication program strategies. The incumbent also supervises overall performance management for account team members.

Major Responsibilities / Principal Accountabilities:
• Drive new business opportunities by leading key pitches, coordinating with global and local entities to ensure deadlines are met and pitches are successful.
• Provide external intelligence to key stakeholders, including changes in leadership, and inform team of new, potential, long term opportunities.
• Manage financial process and efficiency for the agency group, ensuring prompt payment within agency financial guidelines.
• Forecasts revenues, agency direct costs and agency staffing needs to effectively service client accounts.
• Oversees the development of marketing and communication program strategies to effectively address client business needs. 
• Oversees the development of tactical marketing and communication program actions to ensure that agreed upon strategies are being delivered.
• Conducts ongoing Account Management staff meetings to maintain awareness of program execution/implementation status.
• Maintains contact with client top management as well as senior marketing and communication management.
• Consults with senior agency management and President on all functions of agency manpower on assigned accounts.
• Communicates major activities and plans to appropriate agency management and account group members.
• Works with account team to create an environment where account staff and support groups working on their line of businesses feel challenged, valued, and feel that they are dealt with in a fair and consistent manner.
• Participates in new business opportunities/RFQs.
• Maintains and supports all company standards as specified within the Quality Management System.

Qualifications / Specific Skill Requirements:
• Bachelor degree or above
• Must be fluent in speaking, reading and writing English and Mandarin.
• 10+ years of experience in managing major client projects in a digital agency or interactive department function.  
• Thorough understanding of China agency functions.
• Strong communication skills, excellent organizational, time and self management skills.
• Detail oriented, with excellent follow through skills.
• Strong sense of initiative and ability to work under pressure.
• Sound qualitative & quantitative analytical skills and ability to provide professional program / campaign reporting.
• Confidence and proficiency in presentation.
• Knowledge of all agency functional areas; including research, creative, production, media, interactive, database and technology services.
• Excellent oral and written communication skills.
• Efficiently managing and developing strong relationships with external vendors.

Group Account Director

Major Responsibilities / Principal Accountabilities:
• To proactively lead the overall communication planning/implementation planning process to provide insightful communication plans.
• Manage the team day to day acting as a mentor to junior employees. Conduct annual and interim appraisals of team members in a thorough and professional manner on or immediately prior to the date on which they are due.
• Prioritize tasks and appropriately delegate to individual members of the team, ensuring they are given adequate time, resource and are sufficiently trained to execute the tasks.
• Agree a realistic timeframe for delivery of work with the client and revisit if necessary.
• Working with the clients to arrive at the best process/systems for managing their business.
• Take part in new business pitches and provide insightful and comprehensive communications solutions as and when required to do so.
• Provide the opportunity for team members to be involved at client meetings.
• Supervise all work, in terms of its quality, accuracy, insightfulness and innovation.
• This is not an exhaustive list of duties and this document may be reviewed from time to time.

Qualifications/Specific Skill Requirements:
• Bachelor degree or above
• Must be fluent in speaking, reading and writing English and Mandarin.
• 10+ years of experience in managing major client projects in a previous agency or interactive department function.  
• Be able to manage and motivate employees, clients and suppliers.
• Possess commercial awareness and demonstrate business acumen.
• Possess good verbal and written communication skills, strong on numeracy and accuracy.
• To ensure up to date completion of timesheets by the team.
• Conduct all business relationships in an efficient, courteous and straightforward manner and able to resolve any issues in a consistent, fair and objective manner.
• Compile and input into individual goal setting for all members of the team and ensure regular discussion and appraisal of meeting of these objectives and adherence to job specifications.
• Possess thorough market and industry knowledge – historical and current and to identify opportunities.
• Seek out and exploit all opportunities with current clients to strengthen relationship, create new revenue streams and to improve overall rating with client.
• Plan, direct and manage team structure and resource allocation for each client to ensure optimum and adequate resource for each client.
• Possess thorough client knowledge – also client’s market and competitors information.
• Have top-line knowledge of the broader picture – other markets and key clients.
• To have breadth and depth of experience and tangibly demonstrate this in all aspects of your work.
• Contribute actively with other Directors to the setting and achievement of company goals and in the communication of these to the company.
• Excellent business development and project management skills.
• Successful track record managing multiple client assignments. 
• Knowledge of all agency functional areas.
• Proven track record of developing client business.
• Agency and account management experience required.
• Man-management experience essential.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Ability to handle multiple projects through effective organizational skills.
• Have physical and mental requirements to meet the above listed job responsibilities.

Associate Planning Director

Major Responsibilities / Principal Accountabilities:
• Act as a leader to employees in the strategic planning team who are responsible for developing integrated O2O communication strategies.
• Write creative brief and discussion integrated communication plans with account and creative teams.
• Have a comprehensive understanding of the client company’s background, brand positioning and strategy.
• Act as one of the main sources of market intelligence, keeping the planning team up-to-date on major consumer and industry trends.
• Ensure that the planning is strategically led, considering consumer and business insight and coming up with big ideas to deliver value for our clients.

Qualifications / Specific Skill Requirements:
• Bachelor’s degree or above.
• Excellent English speaking, writing, and listening ability.
• A minimum of 5years of strategic planning experience
• Able to manage and motivate the department and clients
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
• Computer proficiency in Microsoft Office.

Senior Account Director

Job Description:
• To establish, maintain and cultivate the new company/client relationship.
• Partner with the client to determine needs and advise clients on integrated marketing solutions.
• Keeper of brand equity, agency reputation and credibility.
• A leading role in the review and evaluation of quality of all Agency major deliveries, from consumer study, brand/campaign strategy, creative briefing, creative idea, integrated communication plan etc.
• A leading role to lead and connect all agencies (media, digital, social media etc) involved in an integrated campaign to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.
• Assigns team priorities and manages resources as team coach.

• Bachelor degree or above
• Must be fluent in speaking, reading and writing English and Mandarin.
• 8+ years of relevant experiences, 2+ years of digital or eCommerce agency is preferred.
• Desired above 2 year of SAD experiences in CHINA digital agency.
• Proven Account Management skills of holistic campaigns
• Motivated, goal oriented, persistent and a skilled negotiator
• Excellent communication and presentation skills. Able to convince and influence other effectively
• Able to priorities, communicate and motivate a team accordingly
• Handles stressful situations and deadline pressures well

Senior Account Manager – Digital

Major Responsibilities / Principal Accountabilities:
• Liaise closely with clients throughout E-commerce operation and campaigns, often on daily basis.
• Be the primary contact with the client.
• Work closely with operation, planning and design team to meet with client needs.
• Ensure work delivery is on schedule, on brief, on quality.
• Solve problems and overcome obstacles.
• Develop presentations and proposals when needed.
• Thorough review of all internal and external correspondence to stay fully aware of all details pertaining to campaigns.

Qualification/Specific Skills Requirements:
• Bachelor degree or above
• Must be fluent in speaking, reading and writing English and Mandarin.
• 4+ years of digital 4A relevant experience, website H5 experience is preferred.
• Self-smarted, goal –oriented, team player, comfortable in a fast-pace environment.
• Motivated, goal oriented, persistent and a skilled negotiator, able to convince and influence other effectively. 
• Good communication & presentation skills.
• Good command of English.

Account Manager-digital

Major Responsibilities / Principal Accountabilities:
• Provide general day to day support to Management and Account Management teams.
• Act as a liaison with internal and external departments, and develop accurate and realistic creative, print, production and other briefs as necessary
• Produce comprehensive and accurate reports and project outlines (e.g.: WIP’s, project plans, timelines etc.)
• Understand the creative, print and production processes. Accurately assess all work of internal and external departments, and provide corrective guidance where necessary
• Keep his/her immediate line manager informed of all activity that is relevant to their business
• To manage his/her time effectively to ensure a timely completion of projects
• Accurately estimate and bill all work
• Track, monitor and report on a running basis the status of all jobs as defined by the client and his/her manager
• Ensure an understanding of the client’s business and marketing objectives, specifically the programm on which he/she is working.
• To have a good working relationship with the clients personnel

Qualifications / Specific Skill Requirements:
• Bachelor degree or above
• Must be fluent in speaking, reading and writing English and Mandarin.
• 3+ years of 4A and digital relevant experience .
• Grasp of interactive marketing and digital media practice, better to be interested in CRM and direct marketing as well. 
• Strong communication and presentation skills, able to convince and influence other effectively.
• Excellent organizational, time and self-management skills.
• Sound qualitative & quantitative analytical skills
• Knowledge of all agency functional areas; including research, creative, production, media, interactive, database and technology services.
• Tertiary qualification in Marketing/Advertising.
• Comprehensive understanding of general marketing practices.
• Thorough understanding of agency functions.
• Strong computer skills, proficient use of Microsoft Office (including PowerPoint), Outlook and Internet.
• Detail oriented, with excellent follow through skills.
• Strong sense of initiative and ability to work under pressure.

Senior Data Analyst (Modeling Analyst)

Job Description:
• Work with client to collect and comprehend business requirements to support CRM practice through advanced data mining solution;
• Extract / collect, analyze, interpret and present highly quantitative yet relevant information under proper business context;
• Flexibly and innovatively apply diverse quantitative methods including (but not limited to) association, decision tree, clustering, multi-variate regression, time series trending, to design and develop robust, relevant data mining solutions – descriptive or predictive;
• Independently and proficiently execute all steps relating to Modelling, incl. target definition, sampling, variable selection/ transformation/ imputation, dimension reduction, model development /selection, validation & scoring;
• Deliver complete set of quality model outputs in a timely manner, articulate technical details, and support all model-related inquiries to enable model application;
• Develop closed-loop mechanism in model application with proper test/control set up to enable back-end performance validation;
• Proactively identify and support automation opportunities to shorten turnaround, hence contribute to increase of outputs, including: a) automation in model data extraction, summarization and derivation; b) automation of monthly scoring and KPI monitoring; c) automation in model evaluation.

• Hold a Bachelor above degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Operation Research, Engineering or other highly quantitative / technical majors. 
• 3+ years experiences in using SPSS, SAS (covering base SAS, SAS STAT, Enterprise Miner) or other leading statistical software in modeling, data analysis and data manipulation.
• Comfortable with mining massive volume of data for quick insight discovery; detailed oriented, conscious of stringent quality control and able to work under pressure to meet tight deadlines.
• A highly analytical and logical individual who is independent, self-motivated and a team player.
• Good communication skills in verbal and written English is a plus.
• Prior experience in data mining in automobile / retail industry is a plus.


Department: Creative Dept.

Primary Function / Position Summary:
The traffic manager will be responsible for maintaining an advertising schedule, communicating with advertising clients throughout all stages of a campaign. This person will work closely with the creative team.

Major Responsibilities / Principal Accountabilities:
• Helps to coordinate internal approvals of artwork before they are sent to the client.
• Controls use of consumables in the creative department and other related expenses.
• Responsible for saving all final artwork on the agency backup system.
• Updates Finance Department regularly with closed jobs which need to be invoiced.
• Handles all documentation needed for invoicing (approved quotations, production sheets, suppliers’ invoices & delivery notes).
• Makes accurate predictions of the quality and publication date of the artwork so as to control the personnel and distribution of work in the creative department.

Qualifications / Specific Skill Requirements:
• Bachelor’s Degree.
• 1+ years of working experience.
• Experience with Project Management, Tracking, Timing, Translation or Traffic.
• Thorough knowledge of advertising processes and agency systems.

地址:上海市静安区万航渡路889号 悦达889中心19楼(近地铁11号线隆德路站,13号线武宁路站)

设计实习生(Design Intern)


1. 专业广告、传播、美术类均可;
2. 有责任心,工作积极高效,善于沟通与协作;
3. 较强的创意能力,思路开阔;
4. 优秀的团队合作和敬业精神,成熟的心态和职业素质;
5. 有一定的英文沟通能力或一定的市场分析能力优先考虑。
6. 有4a广告公司经验为佳,有网页设计、微信H5页面设计经验为佳;
7. 掌握Mac系统的基本操作,熟练使用Adobe/ illustrator/ Photoshop/ preferably和InDesign

AE Intern



Media Intern

1. 协助团队收集,整理和分析日常投放数据
2. 协助团队协助部门完成媒介策划的项目执行工作
3. 协助团队撰写简单的策划方案

标题格式为:【XX Intern-一周来几天-姓名-年级-学校-来源】
地址:上海市静安区万航渡路889号 悦达889中心19楼(近地铁11号线隆德路站,13号线武宁路站)




By: Summer Zheng


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