1.客户经理 Client Manager
2.资深设计师/设计师 Senior Designer/ Designer
3.创意部实习生 Design team intern 


客户经理Client Manager

1. Organizing (internal) client projects and external projects 
2. Maintaining our commercial database 
3. Coordinating individual internal project processes, also across teams
4. Ensuring optimal project processes for the client and the agency, regarding both content and profitability
5. Preparing and taking part in client appointments and meetings
6. Managing internal meetings, coordinating and monitoring resources
7. Supporting project invoicing 
8. Supporting creation of presentations and coordination of appointments/deadlines
9. Expanding contacts throughout the client's organization. Maintains customer profiles for competitive analysis

Other responsibilities:
1.Performs duties as assigned by immediate supervisor or any member of the MetaDesgin management team, subject to approval by direct manager and/or departmental Head.
2.Performs tasks necessary to complete performance objectives
3.Assists team members as needed

1. Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent job-related experience)
2. 3 – 5 years working experiences in managing a variety of accounts
3. Familiarity with agency processes
4. Preferably a degree in social and business communication, business or a related field
5. Excellent project management skills (managing budgets, drafting bids etc.) and an entrepreneurial mindset
6. Strong skills in time management and project planning
7. Good spoken and written skills in Chinese (Mandarin) and English
8. Good presentation and convincing, inspiring communication skills
9. Very good at working with numbers
10.Motivated and proactive 
11.Excellent team and teambuilding skills
12.Straightforward, dependable, flexible and resilient
13.Approachable and charming
14.Good presentation and convincing, inspiring communication skills

资深设计师/设计师Senior Designer/Designer

1. Create impactful and memorable visual experiences for a dynamic spectrum of clients
2. To help generate/execute/produce great ideas and design executions
3. Develop design concepts and solutions based on client manager’s briefs and clients’ business strategy
4. Participate in external activities as a source of inspiration and for continued growth
5. Establishes directions and design solutions; ensures implementation of directions from concept through production
6. Maintain high-quality work, across multiple projects in a fast paced office
Ability to prioritize and work well under pressure, good time management skills
7. High level of creative thinking and design crafting
8. Preparation and delivery of engaging presentations (on the phone, digitally, in person)
9. Cross-media design production skills (print and digital)
10. Ensure effective communication and collaboration with other departments of the agency, suppliers during the implementation of projects, pitches and proposals
11. When working with freelancers, manage and supervise their workflow and delivery
12. Accurate archiving of all data and back up of all files

1. Passion for integrated branding processes, brand strategies, communication and design
2. A good feel for visual trends
3. A degree in visual communication or a similar discipline
4. Upwards of 5 years of professional experience at a leading creative studio (branding, corporate design/identity or advertising agency)
5. Proficiency at current graphics programs (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, PowerPoint)
6. Experiences in video/animation/After Effects is a plus
7. Punctuality, time management and professional responsibility
8. A motivating team player, highly collaborative
9.Excellent communication skills internally and externally
10.Positive attitude
11.Very good written and spoken English and Mandari

设计实习生Design Intern

1. Interest in design industry
2. Excellent in English
3. Work 4-5 days a week. Long internship (2 months +) preferred

By: Summer Zheng


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