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全职Full time 
1.客户经理/客户执行Account Manager / Account Executive
2.美术指导(汽车客户)/Art Director(Auto client)

1.客户部实习生 Account Service intern (每周至少保证4天全职)

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客户经理 Account Manager 


1.Bachelor degree, Major in Marketing, advertising, business administration is preferred
2.More than 4+ years relevant experience.
3.Self-smarted, goal –oriented, team player, comfortable in a fast-pace environment
4.Willing to work hard with irregular hours
5.Good communication & presentation skills
6.Fluency command of English

客户执行Account Executive

1.Quality control of all work that is submitted to clients.
2.Disclose campaign details to the client and all team members.
3.Monitor all stages of campaigns to guarantee that they run smoothly.
4.Responsible for status reports throughout the duration of the project to keep clients and peers updated.
5.Ensure that the project stays within the allocated budget.
6.Offer creative ideas to the account manager to develop exciting campaigns and encourage clients to understand the importance of creativity throughout projects.
7.Keep one stimulated in order to achieve maximum productivity.

1.Bachelor degree or above.
2.1+ years of 4A experiences, digital/social agency experience is preferred.
3.Motivated, goal oriented, persistent and a skilled negotiator. 
4.Excellent communication and presentation skills. Able to convince and influence other effectively.
5.Able to priorities, communicate and motivate a team accordingly.
6.Handle stressful situations and deadline pressures well.
7.Good command of English.

美术指导 Art Director (Auto client)

1.Produce sketches or 'storyboards' (television) or 'roughs' or 'scamps' (print) to communicate ideas to the client.
2.Gain an understanding of the target audience and business that the advert is aimed at.
3.Meet with the creative director and account managers before presenting ideas to clients;
4.Pitch ideas to clients and brief other members of the creative team.
5.Commission photographers, artists or film-makers to work on projects;
6.Visit and assess locations for potential shoots.
7.Attending meeting at production houses and with other directors;
8.Work in editing suites to oversee the finished product;

1.Bachelor’s degree or above.
2.Ability to generate big ideas that can be adopted on multiple media touch points to provide brand experience to consumers.
3.Strong presentation skills and effective client relations skills. 
4.2+ years of professional creative experience; 1+ years in digital agency is preferred.
5.Ability to mentor creative personnel and foster learning and excellence among team members.

客户部实习生 Account Intern

1.fluent in written and spoken English 
2.Excellent in MS office, especially PPT, Excel
3.Work 4-5 days a week. Long internship (3 months +) preferred

By: Summer Zheng


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