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Palmer Hargreaves is an advertising & consulting agency with a clear focus in helping clients develop their B2B & B2C business, throughout the customer value chain. 

Located in 5 strategic markets, with 220 employees, 34 years expert experience, we are able to provide flexible solutions to our global clients and respond to long term and adhoc project requests. Our current global clients includes Porsche, BMW, Benz, Volvo, VW, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Ford, Toyota, Hyundai, DEMAG, Bayer, Henkel, Continental, ABB etc.

The Palmer Hargreaves team provides its clients with a wealth of aftersales experience, from across the globe to the local China market. Whether its strategy, content, creative or using technology to develop aftersales business, we have the experience and proven capability.

Our client list and projects are continuously growing, and we are looking for people who would like to grow with us.


We look forward to receiving your application! 
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Art Director 美术指导

• Lead multiple kinds of projects, such s KV, offline, online assets design.
• Present creative concepts, participate brainstorm. And new business pitches that are responsive to the marketing/creative objectives and strategies.
• Cooperation with account department, and able to debrief effectively.
• Reasonably distribute the works of creative team, and give professional guide to team members.

Skill Required:
• 3 years or above agency experience. People with art directing experience will be preferred.
• Knowledge of branding, and ability to express individual analysis of visual performance. 
• Ability to deliver a good communication toward the whole team.
• Good time management skill.
• Once participate in the creative planning of pitches.
• Have experiences on serving vehicle clients. People with digital design experience will be preferred. 

• 能独立完成且能主导不同的创意项目,例如KV, 线上和线下相关设计
• 支持团队开展创意项目,参与内部创意讨论,涉及新业务开发、项目比稿的创意发展和提案,配合客户时间节点完成项目
• 与客户部门进行日常对接,进行有效的沟通
• 带领设计团队合理分配工作量,给予专业上的指导

• 3年及以上的广告经验,有美术指导经验者、较强的美术功底优先
• 对品牌的视觉表达有一定的分析与表达能力
• 良好的沟通能力,能有效的与团队,上下级进行沟通
• 有良好的时间管理能力
• 曾参与过比稿项目并参与过创意策划
• 有服务汽车品牌,有digital方面的经验者优先

Designer 设计师

• Execute all kind of graphic design works.
• Work with a small team, assist in advancing the project in a tight timeline.
• Deliver great creative design concepts and visual ideas based on clients’ requirements.
• Participate in a general design discussion, and ability to present individual design concepts and ideas.

Skill Required:
• Knowledge of design, with a thorough understanding of design.
• Deliver a good communication skill, and healthy working attitude with co-workers. Ability to produce the design individually with strong sense of responsibility.
• Create and execute design in an efficient and organize way.
• Knowledge of Illustrator, PhotoShop, Indesign and related Mac creative programs.
• At least of 1 year or above agency experience.
• Knowledge of FA process that required a command of typography, color, composition, hierarchy, etc.

• 参与各种平面设计工作
• 协助团队及时推进项目
• 根据客户要求,创造性的把握平面设计要求,按时,优质完成设计方案
• 参与部门设计方案的讨论,能够提出个人的设计思想

• 拥有扎实的美术功底,具有较好的艺术鉴赏能力
• 具有沟通,协调能力,能够独立完成设计任务,责任心强
• 能有效的完成设计任务
• 熟练应用Illustrator, Photoshop,Indesign等设计软件。熟悉使用Mac
• 拥有1年以上的广告公司设计经验,且有完稿及排版设计能力
• 拥有完稿经验者优先

By: Summer Zheng


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