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ACD(copy based)

Job description:

1. Create big idea/theme for IMC campaign, aligning communication strategy
2. Capable of developing digital and social media activation plan, media collaboration and social topic direction
3. Supervise creative executions and production (video,digital,print,activation)to ensure outcome of the campaign is aligned with the big idea
4. Transform the brand language into digital/social language
5. Social media trends facilitators to inspire clients and team members


1. Digital agency (either creative or media) and/or social media platforms experience with 6+ year experience in creating overarching digital/social media ideas for clients
2. Familiar with latest social media platforms/trends
3. With “out-of-the-box” mindset to lead the digital/social idea formation
4. Proven track records for running successful campaigns
5. Board experience in different client’s industries, fashion brands experience is a plus
6. Strong sense of initiative and ability to work under huge pressure
7. Fosters an atmosphere for creative growth with the expectation of high quality ethical work.
8. Spots opportunities to do path-breaking creative work for award winning.
9. Award winning record is a plus.

资深文案 Senior Copywriter

1. 优秀的文字编辑能力,思维独特、文笔流畅,性格开朗。
2. 善于发想概念也能写各种段子;懂得用insight在不同的传播平台链接消费者
3. 较强的学习能力及创意能力,具备团队合作精神,抗压力强
4. 5年以上相关经验,有4A经验,有digital/social 经验
5. 奢侈品或豪华车客户相关工作经验加分
6. 请在简历中提供个人作品或有效链接


• 广告年资5年以上, 3 年以上汽车与高端品牌经验。
• 对汽车有热情、art sense 佳、喜欢有创造性及挑战性的工作。
• 熟悉平面、TVC、型录、制作物的视觉操作。
• 对 Luxury 品牌有观念,有 Digital 经验更佳。

Senior Planner/Associate Planning Director

Senior level planners must be the valued partners of account, creative, and client leadership, and be the highly visible face of strategy on a client’s business. They are expected to be inspirational thinkers, deft collaborators, and positive leaders. 

• Directing the strategic leadership of their clients
• Successful application of the strategic philosophy
• Management, direction, and application of disciplines on a work stream
• Working with clients to define business/brand goals and develop strategies based on consumer insights, trend analysis, and business objectives.
• Partnering with Account and Creative Leadership to provide strategic direction across the brand at every point
• Understanding the key trends that drive audience behavior and affect the way that brands communicate
• Conducting research including competitive analysis, emerging opportunities, and consumer insights

• The presence to capture and hold a room
• The interpersonal skills to selflessly inspire and elevate the work of those around them, and to work with different disciplines, resources, and personalities seamlessly
• The capacity to be involved, and to be a hands-on leader on more than one business
• The ability to know a great idea when they see it, and to know when and how to make it better
• A clear comfort level with using data as a tool for creative inspiration
• Curious, active and brilliant thinking
• Strong communication and storytelling skills
• Tapped into culture, and the application of it into strategic output
• The experience in and/or the command of ALL the ways brands connect with people in today’s world – traditional, digital, event, etc.
• A respectful but provocative attitude, always questioning and pushing thinking, but knows when to land the plane


1) 负责与媒体,编辑、达人及明星的对接和沟通;
2) 负责项目排期和计划表的制订,对接具体项目执行细节;
3) 执行互动营销,互联网公关,危机处理等网络公关工作;
4) 随时了解客户状态,收集客户需求,及时跟进和反馈完成情况;
5) 制作项目报价及执行合同审核流程;
6) 负责项目周报、月报、各类数据统计工作;
7) 与客户建立良好的合作关系,保持良好的日常沟通;


实习生 – 客户服务部 / 创意部

• 热爱广告,愿意投身于广告圈,即使艰辛也能为理想而燃烧
• 思维活跃有想法,有良好的沟通能力
• 每周至少可坐班3天

By: Summer Zheng


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